Love Message From: Sally
Location: KSA – Jeddah
Love Message To: Saif
Location: Egypt – Cairo

Love Message:
I wanted to write something for you that shows you some of how much you mean to me … how much I love you. Then, I decided to write it here in front of all the people here.

Saif, I love you … and I want everyone to know. Not only the people who visit this site, I even feel like wanna tell everyone I know that you are “mi amor ” 🙂 and my man.
I want you. All of you… your flaws … your mistakes … your imperfections. I want you, and only you. I accept you as you are. In my eyes, you are perfect. I just want you!

For many years, my heart was closed and my feelings were out of service. I was not looking for love or wishing to have it. No man could reach my heart or move any feeling inside of me whatever happened. I made all the man who tried to reach my heart to feel embarrassed by the way I rejected the feeling they feel to me. But, now I know why my heart refused all the men before and never felt anyone. That is all because my heart was waiting for you. Because, you are the one I belong to. I don’t belong to any other man. The truth is I’m yours and you are mine.

You know, I tried love before when I was too young at age 22, I thought it was strong love , but after loving you I can say that what I feel with you is something I never felt .. What I feel with you is what is called the real strong love… and I can’t express the beauty of it… What I feel with you, was never felt before. Your love also gives me courage and strength. I fear nothing when I’m with you. I feel safe when I know I’m with you. I feel complete when I know I’m with you. I trust you and believe in you. I see you a good honest man, Saif. You know, when I think of you, I feel you much closer than just a lover. The way you are connected to my heart is much more. For that reason, whatever bad moments happen between us, that never make me able to give you up easily. I believe that we are meant to be together. We are perfect match.

You are special and attractive in all your ways. Your kindness, your mind, your way of thinking, your opinions , your style , your charisma, the way you deal with me and the way you understand me.

Let me tell you something else for what I like about you. Saif, I feel so proud of you. I like how you love your work and how you work hard to reach your goals. You are such a successful man!. You set goals and you reach them. Besides this, you work on your hobby that is related to music. You work as a composer, too. You are really Masha Alla a successful man. May Alla always bless you and guide you to success. Sometimes, you get too busy with your work and I miss you too much and feel upset, but know that in the same time I’m proud of you. I just wish if I wasn’t far away. Cuz, if I were with you in the same place, I would try to help you with your work if you needed any.

There is only one thing I don’t like about you  .. you know what I mean .. 😀 But, no need to say it here in front of the people.. I know you understand what I mean .. and I just ask you to please not to do it again .. please  promise me .. cuz, I can’t handle this thing when you do it .. and I can’t control what I do and feel after you do this ..

^^^My wish for this new Hegri year 1438, is to be where you are … to be in your arms … to touch your face … to hold you close … to look at your eyes. And if in your eyes I see for sure the love you have for me, I will give my heart, my soul and everything. Tell me in your arms I will be safe. The only thing you have to do … the only thing I ask of you is to give your heart, your soul and faith.

Finally, I want to say (You are amazing), remember that 🙂 I love you my G-man .. I really do You are all what I want .. all what I need I want you or I want no man else!
I’m for you or for no one else…!!


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