Spring is only just upon us but perhaps you're already thinking about that new look for your home.

Wide width or bespoke wallpaper murals
Maybe you've researched or looked into a bespoke or made to measure wallpaper design. Something new that’s piqued your interest.
Printed pattern wallpapers and wall murals have been around for a number of years now but you're still hankering after some more information.

The skinny on the world of bespoke wallpapers 
We've been involved in custom and digital wallpaper since its beginnings and we can take its individuality and value sometimes a little for granted. When we hear people who are a bit unsure about the whole process we like to go back to basics and see where the jitters come from.

After asking a number of our friends and clients what they thought about bespoke wallpapers and what potentially could hold someone back from jumping in, we got the following:

  • Too expensive
  • Difficult to install
  • Hard to know quality when online

We thought about how to answer these questions and try to use a bit of our know-how to inform and help out.

Okay, let's go!

Cost of made to measure wallpapers
For something that is created specifically for your wall, we understand that it sometimes does seem to carry a premium price tag. However, with bespoke wall art, remember that you only buy what you need. Measure the wall, pop in the sizes. No extra roll or so needed just to be safe.

Also, and we'll run through this more when we get to quality, bespoke wallpapers are not usually the same thickness or type as off-the-shelf. They should be stronger and harder wearing. You're paying the extra for quality so make sure you're getting it!

Installing bespoke wallpapers
Everything that's a little bit out of the ordinary usually needs a slight change of method. Not a major change though it is still wallpaper - but a tweak in best practices here and there. Wherever you buy it from they'll have installation guides on the site. There are many videos on YouTube and plenty of help if needed so don't be daunted.

If you're all geared up with wallpaper ideas for your feature wall, don't be put off by the putting up!
Like any new way of learning, after you've done it once, it's not as daunting or quite as different anymore.

Difficult to know the quality aka Media Mayhem!
Any reputable supplier should hold your hand part of the way to make sure you're getting what you expected. Ask for samples and make sure your questions are answered. Online can be tough when it come to things that are tactile like wallpapers but it shouldn't ever be a lottery.

It's not that surprising there are questions about the quality of bespoke wallpapers when a quick search shows many similar materials yet all are very different.

From prepasted to self-adhesive and paper-backed stocks to non-woven. Papers that need water to be sprayed evenly on the entire wall before application and ones that need dunking completely in a trough before hanging. Media weights that are 90gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm, 180gsm and probably everything in between!

All you need to know is that the heavier the weight, the stronger and more durable the material. Don't be duped by prices quoting the economy grades and then comparing to a higher standard elsewhere. Aim for something around the 350gsm weight, check its a washable and scuff resistant vinyl on a non-woven grade back for the premium choice. Sorted.

Print perception
Another reason the premium product wins out over the cheaper alternatives is down to the amount of ink they can absorb and this directly increases the level of high definition print and clarity.

When you've decided upon your fine-and-dandy wallpaper mural it has to be manufactured with bite and impact. That feature wall has to be a feature!

All done!
Well, there you go.

Did we answer a few of the questions that pop up when thinking about bespoke wallpapers? If you'd never thought of or considered custom wall murals before, did it gave a little insight into the whole hows and whys?