If your physical and mental stamina could use a boost, you may be a prime candidate for martial arts training. This integrative approach to physical fitness enhances strength, flexibility, and endurance for the entire mind and body, and not just a few isolated body parts. At a martial arts center, every day is leg day, every day is arm day, and every day is mind and soul day — all are worked in conjunction so that you can become a physically and mentally stronger individual.

Martial arts are increasingly trendy among fitness enthusiasts of all ages, many of whom desire to get off the couch while also avoiding the treadmill. A study from Simmons Market Research indicates that 18.1 million Americans are involved in martial arts, which, with 9.4 million adult participants, is more popular among adults than one might expect. If you’re not quite sure whether it’s worth your while to join the other 9.4 million adults involved in martial arts, the following benefits will quickly have you convinced:


Whole-Body Workouts

Few activities offer as comprehensive a workout as martial arts, which forces you to engage every muscle. The range of muscles targeted can be further extended through participation in multiple disciplines. Brazilian jiu-jitsu does not target the same exact areas as kali, nor is it exactly like judo. The greater range of martial arts styles you try, the better you’ll work your entire body and the more practical skills you’ll develop. However, if you only have time for one martial arts discipline, you can still easily obtain the full-body workout that is so difficult to get at a normal gym.


Improving Flexibility and Balance

Severely underrated in most fitness circles, flexibility and balance are just as important as strength and endurance. Flexibility training is an integral part of martial arts, and improved range of motion is a natural side effect of martial arts training. Standard, gym-based forms of strength training can actually reduce flexibility, forcing participants to stretch on their own time. Many find traditional flexibility training tiresome and therefore neglect it. This can lead to tightness and, eventually, injury.

In addition to gaining greater flexibility, involvement in martial arts will help you improve your balance. The steadier you are on the mat, the steadier you’ll be in everyday life — and the less likely you’ll be to fall and sustain severe injuries.


Practical Skills

The endurance gained through using the elliptical machine and the strength gained through free weights make you look and feel great, but these regimens otherwise have limited practical application. Conversely, martial arts equip you with a practical skill that you can always turn to if threatened. The skills gained through martial arts could one day save your life or somebody else’s. Knowing that you are able to protect yourself and others if necessary can give you much-needed confidence and peace of mind as you go about your daily routine, particularly if you spend time in rough parts of town. The practical skills gained through martial arts training are doubly important if you work as a security guard, in law enforcement, or are involved in some other profession accompanied by a high risk of physical violence.


The Motivation of an Interesting Workout

There’s only so much time you can spend on the treadmill or with free weights before you get burned out. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to remain motivated when you feel like you’re running circles in a hamster wheel. Once that interest is lost, maintaining a workout regimen can be mentally excruciating. It’s no wonder so many people drop their gym memberships so quickly.

Martial arts is infinitely more interesting than your average session on the treadmill. Few things are as motivating as the desire to defeat your adversary. Despite this natural competitiveness, your fellow martial arts enthusiasts will serve as another motivating factor, for instead of judging you or making you feel uncomfortable, they will provide the constant support and inspiration needed to take on new challenges.

Are you sick of the usual grind on the treadmill? If you’re ready to become a stronger and more confident individual, it’s time to begin your martial arts journey. Get in touch today to learn more about how you can harness the numerous physical and mental benefits of martial arts training.