Most recent picture of Matthew Yoshiya taken on July 28th, 2011

Well time flies when you have four children.  Matthew passed the one month mark a little over a week ago and he is starting to put on the weight.  He is now over 10 lbs and has a strong neck.  He gets a lot of stimulation from his sisters and recently has begun to make smiley faces and some happy sounds.

Newborn babyness is a precious thing, and Yumi and I both want to enjoy it the best we can.  Yet there is the hard side of it all, staying up late and Yumi breastfeeding or holding Matthew round the clock.  And don`t forget Cana is also breastfeeding too. 

There certainly is never a dull moment.  Those moments are called necessary rest breaks!

I was not able to be home for Matthew`s first month.  I was in the hospital (more details) and was not able to help with the kids.  Finally after two weeks I am feeling able to help where it is needed.  However I still need to be careful and not overdo it or I may find myself back in the hospital again.

Matthew is one month old and we hope that he stays healthy and strong in the months to come.  There are concerns over his tear duct which often is clogged and of course radiation is a major concern as well.

We are living in an area of Japan which is borderline safe.  It is not as bad as other hot spot areas in Chiba but it 4 to 5 times higher than the normal level.

But for us life continues on and we must cherish it while trying our best to be wise and safe with our children.