Hart Legal is proud to welcome Nina Mikami as one of our Burlington, Ontario investors. Nina invested in Hart Management Inc. Nina was born in the warm, tropical island of Hawaii and grew up in the multicultural city of Los Angeles, California. She lives near our Beverly Hills office and provides our marketing manager with beautiful pictures of the area for Hart Legal’s Beverly Hills Facebook page!

Nina Mikami

Nina graduated from the University of California with a bachelor of arts in Asian Humanities, with focus on Japanese language and culture. Growing up in Los Angeles influenced her greatly to appreciate her own heritage, as well as the importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences. One of Nina’s ambitions since childhood has been to teach individuals who struggled with language learning. Nina’s educational pursuits lead her to teach abroad in Japan for a number of years as an English language teacher to children 5 – 15 years of age in Japanese public schools.

Her teaching experience in Japan inspired Nina to return to the US and start a career to work closer with children with autism and other related disorders. Nina is currently working and training as a behavior therapist for children with autism in Los Angeles. She hopes to receive her certification within a year as a registered behavior technician and further her studies to be a board certified behavior analyst. One day Nina hopes to take her new education and skills back to Japan, and other countries around the world, to assist with program development for autistic children.

Having a diverse interest in language, culture and international cuisine Nina loves to explore and visit different cities and countries. As an adventurous world traveler, Nina has gone diving in the coral reefs of Okinawa, Japan. She experienced a new appreciation for art history upon viewing the vast collections of the world’s finest art at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. She has also enjoyed the rich traditional dishes and music of Lima, Peru and walked streets of the world’s widest avenue in Buenos Aires, Argentina. On her days off Nina likes to see the city, dine at new restaurants, and spend quality time in the company of her friends, family and relatives.

The investment opportunity in Hart Management was an offer Nina could not refuse. Her parents divorced at a young age, and as difficult as it was at the time, she recognizes now that it was the best decision her parents made for themselves and for her. Nina hopes Hart Legal will give closure to our clients and their families in the end of one life chapter and help be the start of a new adventure! She believes in our team of lawyers to deliver unparalleled service and outstanding results in settling divorce disputes by offering innovative solutions and possibilities in each case.

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