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Welcome to the first Metal Project post of 2017. 
Today we're going to be covering the letter "U"...
What do you mean we only have one? Did you look in the back?
Well that's bloody brilliant isn't it?


Today we are going to be covering the letters "U" and "V" and as ever, 
I hope you find something to like. Enjoy. 

Unleashed - Metalheads (Sweden 2004)

(Furious, Thrashy DM) 

Honour to: Smokii SixtyNine

Vault - Metal of Death (Malaysia 2009)

(Punky Thrash)

Honour to: 666Speedhell

Villainizer - I Wanna Play Metal All Night (Canada 2013)

(Thrash. Anybody else get a bit of a Kreator vibe?)
Honour to: Villainizer Official

Vow Wow - Beat of Metal Motion (Japan 1984)

(Melodic, Classy HM with explosive lead guitar)

Honour to: JagPanzer68

Vetala -Satanic Morbid Metal (Portugal 2010)

(Black Metal with lots of screams)

Honour to: Kenneth Parker

Venereal Baptism - A Freaky European Black Metal Madness Cliche (USA 2016)

Honour to: Bestial Slaughter

Virgin Killer - Next To The Metal Gods (Colombia 2010)

(Buzzsaw Thrash)

Honour to: Ultracaverna

Vuil - Metal Claw (UK 2016)

(Underground Thrash)

Honour to:  Vlad Death

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That's all Folks. 

This has been another edition of The Metal Project. 
Collecting Metal Songs about Metal since 2012