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I am so happy that tomorrow, I am not working in Angouleme in my newly found job as a teacher! Don't get me wrong i love my job however having a break in the middle of the week, a whole day is fantastic. 

Reason 1, I can have a late night tonight without worrying about feeling a wreck at 6 am. 
Reason 2, I can read longer passages in the Bible than during normal working days..
Reason 3, I can plan lessons and do marking and having as many breaks for tea, coffee, biscuits as i want! Actually I'm trying to cut down! 
Reason 4, catching up with family and friends whether on the phone...

Now there are the things that I'd like to do but so far I haven't even contemplated them, going for a bike ride..Not possible yet because of the following projects I have to do, i.e. 

a  change my car registration from English to French, 
b  apply to have the French NHS card called Carte Vitale, 
c  I should have done it ages ago, order/find some French front lights for my Peugeot 207...
d  get on with some translation work, how funny, when i was looking for some, I couldn't find any, and suddenly they just appeared from nowhere. Praise  be to God!
Finally I put a beautiful photo of Malta and this is because we are planning to go there for Imo's 21st birthday celebration. Her hols are booked now so this is getting so excited.
Oups, I nearly forgot an urgent priority, finding some families for our 9 baby rabbits, well, they are 2 months old now and growing quickly.