Hi everyone!

Hope you have all been well
and excited for our new foodie adventure!

A lot has been going on this week, but no worries!
I still manage our yummy foodie adventure, I hope you enjoy the foodie fun!

I present to you...

Midnight Drink Loading!

~ Enjoy ~

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I hope you enjoyed the teeny tiny adventure today
Thank you for visiting and ready!
I'm sure that all the munchkin's will be happy waking up 
knowing that you popped by to read the foodie adventure.
~ XXX ~
This weeks foodie adventure has been a little different, 
as you may have noticed it is about coffee!
Your properly thinking where in The Hobbit does coffee appear and if I have gone mad and randomly added a section to the 
Unexpected Foodie Adventure.
I haven't gone mad, I promise!
This scene does appear as its actually the scene where Bilbo can't get to sleep because of all the snoring from the dwarves and decides to feed his cute little pony.
Since I don't have a pony, I decided to wok the story with a chocobo and changed bits here and there, I first wanted to choose something eatable. 
However I changed for a drink instead sine most people when it comes to midnight not many wake up to have a gigantic meal before going back to sleep.
That is where 9 Bit MEGA Loading Coffee!
Many thanks to DrinkRelaxPlay  and GetALifePodcast 
for presenting me with the very yummy coffee drink!
The retro designed gaming coffee is something to fall in love with!
You don't have to gamer to be able to drink it, because if that was the rule... I would never have been able to try this haha.
When opening the pack the first thing that made we want to do was switch on a game console and load up a game to play while I boil myself some of the coffee, 
but since my foodie craving got the better of me... 
I dashed straight for the kettle the moment it arrived at my door step!
I have to say before making the coffee the first thing that worried me was the after taste of the coffee, which tends to cling to your mouth after drinking coffee and then you end up with the sour-bitter like taste throughout the rest of the drink.
However that never comes!
Instead, the moment I opened the tin I stood smelling the strong coffee bean smell, never have I smelt coffee with such a strong
coffee bean smell, I could have just stood there and sniffed the coffee all day and stay wide awake!
After peeling myself away from the coffee powder it was...
What can I say?
 It was like I was drinking a coffee gold blend but better!
The coffee itself was so smooth and without too much of the bitterness to it you feel as if your drinking a yummy, sweet, milk mocha than a fully caffeine loading coffee.
It says that the coffee is best as a espresso or a milky coffee,
though I haven't tried it as a espresso, but I have come to love the milky coffee goodness after my first try.
Since I have never been too fond of strong coffee as the taste can be unbearable, BUT this coffee doesn't have the after taste
with the feeling of drinking a weak coffee but really you are over flowing with the energy goodness!
So you want to taste the great old retro days?
Enjoy a cup of 9 Bit MEGA Loading coffee,
you will be instantly addicted, and filled with the needed hype to keep you going on your quest for the day!
~ XXX ~
Thank You
for visiting and reading and most of all supporting these foodie adventures!

I would never have managed all these foodie adventures without all your wonderful support so thank you
I shall see you all again next week for a new foodie adventure!
See you soon!
~ XXX ~

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