MONETT, Mo. — Miracle Recreation Equipment Company proudly announced today they have become a corporate sponsor of The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC). They have pledged to donate more than $250,000 to NCMEC over the next three years, and to help cover lodging costs necessary to reunite family members upon the recovery of missing children.

The money will be used to support NCMEC's mission of finding missing children, preventing child abduction and sexual exploitation, and serving child victims and their families. It will also support NCMEC's prevention education efforts targeted at providing resources and information for families to help keep their children safer. As part of the partnership, NCMEC will develop child safety tips for playgrounds and parks.

"In today's world, we as a society must all look out for the safety and security of our children," said Mike Sutton director of sales at Miracle and a former law enforcement officer.

Miracle's donation will be funded by the sale of playgrounds incorporating Miracle's new patent pending MiracleTech® integrated security product line. The MiracleTech® product line includes the ParkWatch® infrared security camera to digitally record events and to help deter inappropriate activity, SiteBrite® low voltage lighting, and the SonicScreen® patented sound technology, which is designed to help deter vandalism after hours.

"It is with the generous support of partners like Miracle that we are able to continue our work and help make children safer and better prepared for the risks that they face in today's world," said Ernie Allen, NCMEC president and CEO. "Together we can provide families with the tools and resources that can help make our communities safer, something that is important to both of our organizations."

Miracle's dedication to this cause sends a strong message to costumers. Miracle doesn't just sell playground equipment, they are invested in children's safety and well-being. Safer communities means more people will utilize parks and playgrounds. When we give to the community, the community inevitably gives back.