Truthfully speaking, it is inevitable!

Sooner or later, people get into a “mood” … a “mood” based on a series of situations. Have you ever been in a “mood” before? If you are in a “mood” today, if you have been in a "mood" for years, be reminded that King Jesus is pleading your case before the Father.

However, as Jesus intercedes, what can you do about your mood?

First of all, we must not predict the future based on our, “mood!”

The natural thing to do is to buy into the lie that a “mood” has to be permanent. However, that is not the truth whatsoever. Do not mistake momentary moods for a permanent condition! “This too shall pass!” “It came to pass!” Those are more than just clichés! The rest of your life is not determined by a few cloudy days!

The feet of Jesus that walked on the water are the same feet that are positioned at the feet of the Father fanning into flame God’s intercessory power!

Secondly, resist the urge to justify your “mood!”

Blaming how you feel on something or someone will not make you feel any better about how you are feeling.

Folks! Put your hope in God and move forward! Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water. Put your hand in the hand of the man who sits at the right hand of God asking Him to intervene on your behalf.