It doesn’t matter how old your daughter gets, one thing that doesn’t seem to fail is their love of pink.  Walking into their bedrooms is like walking into a pink euphoria.

Surrounded by pink bed sheets, cushions, curtains, rugs etc, it can feel overwhelming.  I know I don’t need to go on.

I remember having that love of pink when I was a young girl.  I can’t remember exactly when I grew out of it, but it certainly was an obsession.  Absolutely everything was pink!Delightful Butterfly Party

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Of course, knowing that your daughter is adamant about having pink, does make things slightly easier for the party organization because at least you know what color to start with. However, incorporating that color into a party can be a whole different ball game.

Butterfly theme party

When you are planning a party you want it to be:

1:   An enjoyable and memorable theme for the birthday girl and her friends, and

2: A party that isn’t going to look like a blob of pink!

If this is a struggle that sounds all too familiar to you then you have hit the jackpot here.

This butterfly party was submitted by Patricia of Sweet Par-t.  It is a wonderful example of incorporating the gorgeous pink tones, whilst keeping an enjoyable theme running through it.

A butterfly theme party is one that will delight all ages, and this party shows without doubt that you have stepped into a wonderland of pink, whilst at the same time it displays an elegance of grace and sophistication.

ariel butterfly party display

This party theme will delight girls of all ages, whether they are celebrating their first or their tenth birthday.

Pink flower cake

Whilst walking into the party ware section of Target looking for butterfly ideas, the feeling of overwhelm is not uncommon.  It is easy to find yourself bombarded with a whole array of napkins, plates, cups and butterfly birthday party goodie bags.

Whilst these are perfectly fine for setting the butterfly theme, they are not going to provide the look you are going for with establishing that haven for pink.

How To Create A Stunning Pink Butterfly Party

Think outside the box for a moment and think about what look you are trying to convey.

Yes it needs to use butterflies and it needs to be pink, but you also want it to look magical, almost like a butterfly fairy land.

One of the things that really stood out to me with this party décor is the use of the natural tones combined with the pink. It is almost like stepping into a butterfly garden party.

This feeling is created with the use of wooden crates on the timber top and some beautifully presented vases of flowers.

Butterfly birthday party desserts

It’s a breath of fresh air isn’t it.

It has everything you want for that pink injection, but at the same time it feels relaxing and enjoyable.

After all the preparation that you will be doing for the party, that’s exactly what you want to be feeling on the day.  Relaxed and having fun.

Butterfly party display

With a table full of sweet treats, my eyes can not be drawn away, and I’m sure that if I was there I’d be the first in line at this party table.

Ok, maybe I would stand back for the kids (just maybe), but they sure would have to be quick!

Butterfly pink bonbons

Butterfly party desserts

Butterfly desserts

White butterfly cookies

Pink flower cake pops

Butterfly party

White and pink cake pops

Sixlets in a cup

So how is that pink butterfly party looking in your head now?  Have you moved away from the pink euphoria and embraced a beautiful stunning butterfly garden party.

Butterfly party table

Simplicity is always the key.  Break up the color tones to be pleasing on the eye and it’s surprising how embracing pink will be so much easier.

The girls will be happy and you will be happy.  Everyone’s a winner!

Butterfly party table display

I would like to thank Patricia from Sweet Par-t again for sharing this gorgeous butterfly birthday party with us.Butterfly Party

If you would like some help to coordinate your party, then check out these butterfly party supplies that I have sourced for you (affiliate links).