Every Tuesday, I get together with a couple of girlfriends, all of us newish moms to boys. We’ll bring our little ones and meet at a coffee shop, a restaurant or at one of our homes. I’ve talked about the importance of meeting other moms and whenever we get together, I walk away with a bit more motherhood knowledge.

At one of our weekly gatherings, one of the moms was telling us that she created an email account for her son before he was born. On a nightly basis, she would write a short email and attach a photo, an idea she got from a gmail commercial. The emails would include photos throughout her pregnancy, photos from birth, photos for every milestone or just photos from a regular day. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this! It sounded like such a special idea both for the mother and for the child, who would possibly be reading one day. I immediately came home and created an email account for Nate. Today I ended up sending one of my favorite videos from last week!

Both of Nate’s outfits are from the GAP | PJs from Lord & Taylor