It may be Mothers Day here in the UK but the Pennington Patch is still in need of attention. This morning we convened a work party to try and dig over the last bed with clumpy grass in it. The last two weeks, considerable progress has been made , without my help I might add, so this morning I set of bright and early to try and do a bit. 

When we took it over, the land was overgrown, bramble ridden and covered in everyone else's rubbish but we have slowly turned it around and I think today we may have got to the point where we can start to think about planting. 

This bed was previously half covered in bramble and overgrown bushes. 

It is our bonus bed as we didn't even know it was there, so we are now planning on putting a bit of veg in here, something we hadn't previously planned for. 

The cutting patch has been turned over beautifully .

And so today the primary objective was to finish turning the soft fruit bed and picking out the horrible couch grass roots. 

It took a couple of hours but finally we had done it, all dug over and ready for the next stage. In fact there was enough time for me to start digging out even more bramble root along the boundary with our neighbours gardens. I hope they are pleased to no longer have all sorts of overgrown stuff hanging into their gardens. 

And at the other end the ladies made a start on clearing another big overgrown area. We are hoping to put a shed in this space.

The lovely bush we rescued from the huge bramble area seems to be grateful and has grown leaves and blossom, we have no idea what it is but think it may be a fruit bush of some sort. Any Ideas? 

So a successful couple of hours and lots of planning ahead to make sure we make the most of this lovely space.