You now how you're meant to be all organised with the first child and then you start letting things slide with the second? Well I think I'm the opposite of that. I had the best intentions of doing everything for bub - pregnancy journal, baby book, print lots of photos, record every memory - but it just never ended up happening. I let it slide for weeks, which turned into months, which has now turned into years... whoops. In my defence though I was dealing with post natal depression and an extremely unsettled allergy baby so my mind was somewhat preoccupied just getting through each day. Once the fog finally cleared from all of that I'd completely forgotten about filling in her baby book {and didn't really think about it again until I found out I was pregnant again}.
I'm determined to not let it happen again this time. This baby is going to have a pregnancy journal to look back on and a completely full milestone book, with photos included. To be honest though I haven't actually bought anything for the baby yet as I was planning on waiting until after we know the sex, but when I was invited to review the new Along Came a Baby Milestone Book and discovered it was unisex I knew it would be perfect.
Along came a baby is an 80 page gender neutral baby record book that records memories from pregnancy right through to your child's first day of school. Instead of being all grey or all yellow, like most traditionally unisex products, the book is a nice blend of black, pink, blue, teal and yellow not focusing too heavily on any one colour so it will appeal to parents of both genders, and those like me who haven't found out yet. Along Came a Baby is a mixture of a photo album, journal and scrapbook all combined into one beautifully bound keepsake book.

The book contains a pregnancy section which includes notes from each trimester, potential name lists, spaces for ultrasound and bump pics and space to write a letter to the baby pre-birth. There's also detailed monthly records once baby is born. I really love that there's a page to do hand and foot prints as well as keep a lock of hair and the hospital bracelet {I still have bub's floating around in a box in her room}. I also love that there are numerous pages dedicated to letters to the baby at different stages of their life, I  recorded letters to bub on the blog, but I never physically wrote them down anywhere so it'll be nice to have that recorded this time in one place.

I love this book so much it's actually made me feel slightly guilty for not filling out one for bub and I'm thinking of buying her a book and retrospectively filling it in now. People do that right? I don't want this baby to have everything recorded and her to have nothing to look back on when she's older so I'm going to have to get onto that pretty quickly {before I forget everything}. I can already imagine us all sitting around in 20yrs time looking back through the books and reminiscing when they were both little babies.

Until November 1st 2016 you'll receive a free print with every milestone book purchased from Along Came a Baby.

Did you fill out a baby book for all of your kids?

Toni x

Disclosure - I was gifted a copy of Along Came a Baby Milestone Book for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own after using the book. I did not receive payment for this review.

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