If you are anything like myself, you absolutely cannot work out without your iPod.  I refer to my workout playlist as a personal trainer.  The more motivating and upbeat my song selections are, the more likely I will prolong my workout.  If you are looking for new or noteworthy fitness songs to download for your workout playlist, look no further than the compilation listed below.
Busy Earnin' - Jungle

You may be busy earning a living, but this track will also inspire you to earn a few extra steps.  Download this Euro hit and mimic the mesmerizing dance moves from the music video.  (Or better yet, develop your own choreography).   
Use The Force - Jamiroquai 
When you have neglected your fitness goals, and you are looking for redirection, Jamiroquai can lead you right back into the fitness game with their track 'Use The Force.'  While working out to this tune, you will believe that you 'can do anything' all the while using the 'force' within.

Apollo Throwdown - The Go! Team
It is nearly impossible to listen to this track without grooving to the beat.  At the very least, you will catch yourself partaking in shoe-tappin' activity.  For optimum health results, crank this song on your Ipod to the highest level of ghetto-blasting amplification.

Which songs are currently on your workout playlist?