This is not going to be the most exciting post you’ve ever read, but it is pretty cool to me because of my desk.

Before we get to my desk, remember my past couple of posts? Yeah, those. The ones where I told you that my site may be down for a few days because I was transferring my blog from one hosting company to another. As it turns out I misunderstood the techie person I was chatting with. The transfer of the blog happened within a few hours, not a few days. Oh well, I guess I got a mini vacation out of it. Now I’m with the new host and they assure me my blog is faster, will be down less often and will have a far superior customer service team to assist me. Two things I can say so far is that it is faster, and dealing with their customer service and techie departments are a consumer’s dream.

In case you self host, or are considering it, I switched from Bluehost (boo!) to SiteGround (Yay!)

Now, the exciting part. Since I was under the assumption that I’d be offline for awhile, my mind has been elsewhere and I haven’t thought of anything to post about. Given that, I decided to chat about my desk. You see, in the olden days (everything up to this past Saturday) my desk has been a tiny stand in the living room where I sat in front of my laptop. It really was more of a TV tray than a desk. It wasn’t a comfortable place to sit and it stared directly at the TV, which was silly since I rarely turn on the tube. Here is my old view from my old “desk.”

My old desk

Saturday that changed when I moved to my new desk in the bedroom. In all honesty, it’s not new, it’s been there all this time, but it was cluttered and uncomfortable and not a very good environment to work from. We took off the hutch on the desk, which opened the room and gives a better view out the window to my right. In addition, Maurice set me up with three monitors. Technically, he uses them for his job, but during the day they are mine – all mine!

My Desk

The bottom screen you see is my laptop (It’s really a Microsoft Surface, but I still call it a laptop.) The laptop is the operating system that controls everything. The other two big monitors are there to help me multi-task. This will be especially helpful when I’m manic. I probably won’t get much work done, but it will seem exceptionally awesome.

When I’m not manic the whole thing will still be helpful, especially when I’m writing my manuscript. I can have an earlier draft over on the left screen, while I update the manuscript on the right screen. It won’t make my writing entirely paperless, but it sure will help. As for the smaller screen? I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but I can put most anything there I want. If I’m a good boy, I won’t use it to keep Facebook open…yeah, right.