If you are ever looking for an adventurous and action-packed fiction novel set in Africa, look no further than Tony Park’s collection of books.

About six years ago, I visited our local Exclusive Books and noticed on the shelves of the new releases section that there was book called The Delta by Tony Park with a beautiful African sunset image on the front with elephants walking across the savanna. Being passionate about the bushveld and Africa it was no surprise that I was instantly sold on reading this book. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I certainly did on that day and it paid off as I am now hooked on this authors books.

What is interesting about this author is that he is not African and is fact Australian. However, he and his wife spend up to 6 months a year living in the African bush where he draws his inspiration for writing. I read a blog post he wrote a few years ago, on Africa Geographic where he describes ‘Why Africa?’ saying, “Africa. You make me laugh; you make my heart ache with your natural beauty; you make me cry at your excesses; you make me believe; you make me want to wake up and write every day.” This quote for me just sums up why his books are so real and engaging as he really is addicted to this wonderful continent Africa, which forms the setting of all his books. He in fact only writes his books whilst he is visiting places in Africa.

I have to date read five Tony Park books namely The Delta, Far Horizon, Zambezi, The Silent Predator and Safari. All of these books story-lines have been set in different locations in the African bushveld of which some places I have visited. In fact, I read Safari and The Silent Predator during our recent Joburg2Kili Expedition and I enjoyed the fact that in both books there were places mentioned that we had visited along our journey and I felt he described them so accurately that the story became real for me. Each book has a thrilling and adventurous plot that keeps you wanting to read more and often there is an interesting twist to look out for.

Tony Park is now my ‘go-to’ author whenever I need a dose of African adventure. I am looking forward to reading the rest of his collection of books and believe that he has a new book coming out called Red Earth that is set in Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. I would love to hear whether any of my followers have also read his books and what your thoughts were on them?

For more information on Tony Park’s books you can visit his website https://www.tonypark.net/