Well today is my six year anniversary at work. So I stood outside the bosses door where I know he can hear me and, stating to one of the girls in front, "Hey Sara, do you know what today is?" "It's my sixth year here." Boss never broke his stride or what he was doing, didn't acknowledge my presence and it's just another day.

At lunch I met with the broker of the sale of my house and the new buyers. They came inside to inspect the conditions of our units and I was able to ask the new buyer her intentions. She actually owns the apartment building next door so this would be a perfect piece of land to add to her existing, giving her almost an acre. She wants to fix up the buildings and do improvements, also raise our rents and I guess be a landlord who cares for a change. That will be nice!! However, she already has a gardener so I will loose my part time gig to supplement my income.

So for the moment....


And I am grateful I still have a roof over my head and my day time job.