This past year I have gotten back into nature photography in a big way. I used to do this many years ago when I used Kodachrome. With digital photography, I can take as many as I want, and in the process, hope that I get at least one or two that are good.

The past two years have been tough ones for me. The loss of my mother, health scares, and now the loss of my job a few weeks ago. Getting out with my camera is the one thing I can do to relieve the stress and feel like I am accomplishing something. It has woken up something inside of me that has long been dormant.

I don't have the best camera or lenses, but I make do with what I have.  It works for me. Sometimes I don't even get a good photo. I missed the shot, or it is blurry or not properly exposed.  But that is ok. It is just the thrill of getting outside and taking a long walk that is important. Along the way I have discovered the beauty of a bee closeup on a flower, a bird in a tree, or a wildflower off the beaten path.

Cameras are Nikon D5100 and D60, with Tamron zoom lens with marco and Nikon 50mm with close up filters.