My Next Bullet Journal: Things I'm Going to Try

You might realize that my present Bullet Journal is nearly complete and that I have my laptop ready for activity. A fresh laptop means I get to test new things! I wrote concerning the matters I'd like to maintain in my Bullet Journal that was subsequent. I'd like to discuss the points I’m planning to to experience in my subsequent Bullet Journal this week. In the event you harbor’t read the prior post still, you can click here.

My Subsequent Bullet Journal: The Issues I'm Planning to Attempt

First of all: I decided to stay together with the Nuuna laptop. I must say I enjoy layout and the standard  of the publication, therefore no change there. What I'm really going to alter is the manner I’ve structured my laptop and I'm planning to try a number of spreads out. Let’s begin with all the construction of the laptop.

My Next Bullet Journal: Things I'm Going to Try

Bullet Journal Construction

Now I've structured my Bullet Journal in this manner that in the start of each month I 've spread that was month-to-month, accompanied by by my or structured spreads. My dailies are written by me day and that I write down them . I even have listings and a couple of sets there and here and it makes it  difficult to locate them between the dailies. I really could solve this in several manners, but I’ve chose to make sure it stays straightforward for myself. !

At the onset of my laptop I'll create six monthlies in entrance, and a crucial, which I’m likely to discuss about in a minute. This can be from what I I did so distinct. After that I’m planning to put my set ups (weeklies and dailies). I’m perhaps not planning to put my sets between these set ups, I will be likely to put them by the end of the laptop, although like I I did so.

I really would like to take to out this, as it h-AS several benefits. Firstly, my sets and listings is going to be more easy to discover. Second the set ups certainly will appear cleaner and is going to be less difficult to hunt through. I do believe my Bullet Journal will appear cleaner generally. There's simply one means to discover if I’ proper that is m: take to it out!

Distributes to check out

Beside the modifications in the arrangement of my laptop, I desire to try several things out. I love to attempt something new or enhance present spreads.

When Did I hellip;.

One spread I undoubtedly need to to experience is the ‘When Did I last….’ spread. In this spread I'll write points that I harbor’t done in quite a while. I 've ideas about it, although I will be not totally certain what I will be likely to compose down however. Some illustrations:

When did I last:

  • Cleaned the cupboards?
  • Altered the bed-sheets?
  • Watered the crops?
  • Completed a novel?

When did I last spread

I'm thinking it could give me some thing to take into consideration, although I maybe not certain if this may work. The final time that I completed a novel for example is rather sometime past. I expect it is going to turn out wonderful!

Bullet Journal Crucial

The key is normally among the initial pages in the Bullet Journal. It’s function is extremely straightforward: it's a legend together with the significance of colours as well as all employed symbols. I didn&rsquo, while I did use exactly the same colours plenty of of that time period;t had it written-down anywhere however. In my subsequent Bullet Journal I’m likely to get this to mo-Re normal by creating down it in the starting of my laptop.

I’m likely going to make use of these symbols as well as colours in my subsequent Bullet Journal:


  • Jobs: Bullet
  • Occasions: Open Bullet
  • Notes: Dash
  • Significant: Exclamation mark
  • Amounts: To give order to jobs: which one must be finished first, 2nd, etc.


I use Zebra Mildliners for all the colours. These colours are primarily utilized in time trackers.

  • Work: Groen
  • Slumber: Blue
  • University: Orange
  • Internship: Mild purple
  • Appointments: Dark purple
  • Journey: crimson
  • Intending Routine: Grey

More thoughts!

I believe this can be all about it for my subsequent Bullet Journal. I’d love to hear for those who have any great thoughts for my subsequent Bullet Journal, make them know in the comment section below this post!!

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