My tiny tea arrived just yesterday,  Its the second day taking it, on my 6th bag and I am starting to feel the  positive effects, it seems to really help on the bloating and it has been making my carving go away. I feel full after I drink it and energetic. It also has a great taste to it and doesn't need any type of sweetener. The only thing I noticed on the first day but its better today was stomach cramping, it made me get strong stomach pain that would send me to the bathroom but im guessing its because its part of the detox, and its cleaning my digestive system out. Another thing I like was how the box was put together,  real nice girly cute box with cute pink tea bags. So far I enjoy this tea, a bit expensive for only 28 days but if it continues to impress me I will soon be ordering my second box. If you're interested in ordering one  you can do so in this link YOURTEA make sure you order the right one "tiny tea" they also have another one call HER Tea and I heard that one is great toning up and removing cellulitis so if your interested in that give it a try. I will be soon posting updates on this tea. :)