Thank goodness I can't read the future because deep down, I'm convinced it might look a lot like the movie "Idiocracy."  Still, I believe you gotta laugh to keep from crying.  Though I am certain that 2017 will be anything but predicable, I had to humor myself.   With that said, I present to you, my very own 2017 crystal ball devoid of any divine or scientific nature.  

1.  Donald Trump will make a mix tape for Vladmir Putlin.  Playlist will include the following songs:

                            "Secret Lovers" - Atlantic Starr
                            "Careless Whisper" - George Michael
                            "Private Eyes" - Hall and Oates
                            "Live to Tell" - Madonna

2.  Just like any year, dozens of beloved celebrities will die, however, Betty White will outlive them all!
3.  Donald Trump will live tweet popular television shows, most note-worthy: The Apprentice.  
4.  Jar Jar Binks' cremation urn will be displayed in the new Star Wars museum.  
5.  Parental drones will be sold to helicopter parents who want to check up on their rebellious teenagers.

6.  Fake news comes full circle and becomes real news.  Readers stop believing it.

7.  Due to low ratings, season 2 of Stranger Things will prompt the inclusion of new character "12."

8.  "Freedom of speech" will be reduced to the following safe topics: the weather, sports, cute puppies and kittens, Chris Pratt, and how everyone loves Nutella spread.

What are your 2017 predictions?

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