The Rogue Speaks:

That is actually what many citizens of Rome said!! It was year 64, and the fire broke out in the southeast corner of the Circus Maximus.  It quickly spread through all the shops, and the conflagration lasted for the better part of a week.  Then it started up again and lasted for about a month, totally destroying 10 of the 14 districts in which the city had been divided.

Many people believed that Nero was responsible, because he wanted to be able to compare the current downfall of Rome to that of Troy.  Nothing he could do could remove the suspicion that "the emperor had fiddled while Rome burned."  Even the plebes, who had been staunch supporters, decided they didn't like him so much any more.  This was especially true when they found out that his plans to rebuild the city included a very large portion that he designated as strictly his!

As his popularity started circling the porcelain bowl, Nero realized that he had better find someone to blame for the destruction.  "I've got it!" he cried. "Let's blame the Christians!  People already don't like them because they won't worship me!  They're the perfect scapegoats!"

It just so happened that Peter and Paul were visiting the Christians in Rome at the time, for a secret revival, so the Romans snatched them up, and took them to Nero's circus near the Mons Vaticanus.  Everyone was invited to  "Torture The Christians Night."

Things didn't exactly turn out the way Nero planned, though.  Peter and Paul were exposed to wild animals, smeared with pitch and set on fire, and the event was so grisly that the people began to feel sorry for the two Christians.  Later, Peter was crucified upside down on the Vatican hill, and Paul's head was cut off.

After seeing all the horrible torture, the people became convinced that Nero actually did set that fire, so his little plan to blame it on the Christians backfired.  The people decided, "what a sick freak!"  His popularity plummeted, and that, my friends, is that!!

America has its own Circus Maximus going on right now, and the star of the show just night be related to Nero.  Hopefully, the "plebes" will realize just what a narcissistic con-man the current "Nero" is and have a change of heart about helping him to ascend the throne.  We don't need his kind trying to rule America like Nero ruled Rome. 

So far, this week has been an excellent example of the players in "Lord of the Flies."  Things will change next week, though, when the real adults begin their convention in Philly.