A Brand New blog is online: www.footballmemories.net

As a journalist, I can say that this blog is really interesting beacuse is speaking about football like a lot of other blogs on the internet, but the main focus is, as the name "Football Memories" suggest, to the History of Soccer.

This blog is really an amazing encyclopedia of historical information, from the really beginning of soccer in the 1900 with photos to the more recent years.

In the blog there are a lot of actuality news about soccer too, but all this news are related to historical facts or historical images. For example, in the blog are celebrated the famous football player birthdays, and they celebrate them with a quote, a video or an image of the most significant moment of the player.


The blog is well written and is already supported by a good fan base. In fact, after visiting the blog i take a tour over the social platforms of this wordpress blog and they have an updated Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram and Google + profile.

In addition, the blog have also an official Youtube channel with interesting content, the focus is about the history of soccer too, like the best goalkeeper ever, the best goals, etc, but they put online some funny videos (one about a wrong celebration made my day for example) and some statistics or historical facts about the important matches are playing actually.

The other point for celebrate this blog is about the humour. Football too much is taken too seriously, but in the pages of this blog I really see a mixing of really interesting content mixed with funny posts, serious historical moments and brand new funny videos.

I also really like the content on the social pages, as I write before. The posts are all related with images or video about the topic, and the full story about the topic is ofter written on the blog pages.

I think the main goal of the blog is to make the people don't forget about all the great players, great matches and great moments the soccer gave to us. They want to be serious, to make us moved but at the same time to give us a smile when remembering a goal, a moment, a situation of some years ago.

In other words, they make me feel a little more younger, because I see images of a "Romantic Football" (as they say) that we are not living nowadays. Soccer is something big and give good and bad emotions. This emotions are inside us and this blog is going to make this emotions living again.

So what I suggest? Just do what I'm doing now. I speak with this 2 guys that are running this blog and they just say me "thank you for supporting us, give us a favour, spread the voice". So I did it! I'm a journalist and I said to myself "why not write an article about this nice blog?". So I did it. I lost just 10 minutes of my time to speak about this, but I hope to give them a favour.

Share the blog with your friend, family and on internet! They deserve it