A new Book of the Bible has been published: The Book of Kristi!

New Book of the Bible: Kristi gives the Sermon on the Mount

Kristi gives the Sermon on the Mount

It’s not often that a new Book of the Bible gets published. Outside of Infinitiaty, you hardly ever see such a thing happening. In Infinitiaty such a glorious event can happen for one or more of a variety of reasons, including the following:

  1. God One caused more stuff to happen and He wants to talk about it. (The other Gods often muck around in God One’s universe, but they usually keep quiet about it because, more often than not, what they’re doing is playing practical jokes here.)
  2. An original book of the bible was lost and God One either forgot about it or forgot to tell someone where to find it. When someone stumbles on it by chance it’s published.
  3. A Book of the Bible was discovered some time ago, but it languished unpublished for a long time for any of a variety of reasons. For example, scholars might have had trouble translating it from the original, now dead language or it might have been withheld for political reasons.

In the case of The Book of Kristi, the newly published Book of the Bible, reasons 2 and 3 both came into play.

New Book of the Bible found by a Pilgrim

The battered parchment containing the Book of Kristi was, inexplicably, found shoved under an overhang of Plymouth Rock by one of the Mayflower Pilgrims. The pilgrim did not know what it was, but it looked religious and definitely not Christian, so the pilgrim hid it among his possessions so as to not upset the religious order of the day.

It passed as a family heirloom from generation to generation, always hidden from the public at large. That continued until 2011,  when an Infinitian browsing in a yard sale recognized the Ancient Gibberish script as likely being of Infinitian origin. She haggled the seller down from the $8.95 asking price to just $1.95 and bought it.

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