I’m starting a new network for people who love apologetics. We’ll be starting up in southwest Ohio, and inviting apologists at all levels of experience. If you live anywhere from Cincinnati to Dayton, or close enough to drive in, please check in and join us.

When and Where

I’m sure you want to know when and where we’re meeting. But I’m sure you also know that the hardest part getting something like this started is figuring out the best time to meet.

I’m hoping to finesse the question by asking you to let me know when it’s best for you — not here, but on the network’s new web page, Thinking Christian Connection. You’ll find an About page there with basic information and a link to a questionnaire, to tell us which times work best for you based on a list of options on the weekends of October 14 and 21.

I’ll see how that questionnaire comes out and then email you the meeting details. The location will come after the time, but I’m expecting it will be in or near Liberty Township or Monroe, Ohio.


smallergroupThis isn’t going to be a lecture gathering. It isn’t going to be a book club on the best apologetics books. It’s not for honing up on your arguments. Sure, we’ll talk about those things; how could we help it?! But it won’t be our top purpose for gathering. Why not? Because there’s something most church-based apologists need and want even more than that: a chance to use our apologetics to reach people for Christ and help them grow.

In other words this is going to be a group to encourage each other in ministry through apologetics: how to get apologetics on your church’s agenda, how to become a trusted resource within your church, and so on.

And it’s going to be a fellowship. I’ve asked in conferences and classrooms around the country, “As a person who really cares about apologetics and discipleship of the mind, do you feel lonely in your church?” Every time I ask that, well over half of the people raise their hands in agreement. We need each other. We can enjoy our times together in ways that most people wouldn’t quite get.

And who knows — we might even pull together some apologetics missions trips and a conference or two!

Thinking Christian Connection

Obviously the name of the group has a tie-in to this blog, but the topics and agenda won’t be connected in any other way. The main thing it will have in common is a conviction that full-fledged Christian discipleship includes a full-fledged willingness to think.

So if you think you can make it, please come on over and sign up!!