The year is going full swing and time really flies. It's almost the end of January. It's been a busy month for me at work though not really actual work. It's been more of giving the office a once over. My partner has decided that we need to freshen up the place a little. Change our image and work culture a little.

And so, the past month has seen us sprucing up the place and re-decorating the entire office. Some renovations were made, fresh coats of paints were given to the place and I had to sacrifice my room to make more space for a new 10 feet inkjet machine we'll be purchasing soon to help bolster business for the year ahead.

The new room ...

While the office isn't 100% done up yet, work is still in progress, my new room has been completed and while it's not nearly as cosy as my previous room, I'm just glad that it finally looks like an office again. Work hasn't really started full swing yet since the Chinese New Year celebrations are just around the corner. It'll be a slow month till then and things will only pick up after that. Then it'll just be a completely busy time for me.

Not that I'm complaining, better to have work than no work. Now to look up some research on guitar center miami, who knows, I just might want to start a band there ... LOL!