Because the best people in life are free

Most of the time I'm sleep-deprived, which is probably why I looked strangled and messed up on daylight. Some insecurities resurface, but I'll be able to bury them again in time. 

My clockwork seems so off and sloooowly progressing, but I will make a much better difference today. I have so many things to do I will have no time to dawdle my hours away. A want to buy a new phone, download the entire discography of Taylor Swift, look refined  and dumb at the same time , struggle at losing weight, keep lip-syncing at home while everyone else is busy uploading their dubsmash versions, let out restricted bonds in the open because really, this is no longer necessary as I thought I'd like to be more expressive with my relationship to people, repair the flowers that almost withered, outgrow my fringes, wear my skin in black, grey, and white, but colors won't harm every once in a while.

I am a normal person today, although I can be exceptionally good at wearing different hats. These days, it's not hard to figure yourself out. I have so much under my sleeves I will keep surprising people around me. Yes baby, this world is not on the loop, we are going straight ahead.

Busy yourself dancing, but don't leave your heart on the dance floor.