It’s been a while dear readers… Life sometimes happens and no time is left to do the things you enjoy doing the most (like Blogging, of course!). I am extremely happy to announce the opening of my new shop! is a online store with hundreds of awesome unique owl accessories and gifts.

OBSESSED with OWLS? This is the SHOP for YOU!

If you love to shop Owl Utopia is your destination! From jewelry to gifts, the place where you’ll find high quality accessories for the home and the most unique gift items. Choose from a variety of fine, elegant and cute decorations, fragrant candles,  jewelry, and so much more.

In Owl Utopia we focus on the passion for owls and offer bold inspirational products that scream uniqueness and individuality.


How it all got started…

Like many good ideas, our story starts on the back of a napkin.

We are Daisy & Gytzel – A mother & daughter who founded ‘Owl Utopia’ as a small online store back in September 2015 after spotting an opportunity for a good quality, fun and unique way to promote and inspire the passion for owl lovers.

If any of the above resonates with you, or if you want more information – you can go visit the site and fill out our contact form. We welcome any inquiries or suggestions by email, but do take a good look throughout our site first as we’ve answered a lot of the common questions.


A L S O   T A K E   A   L O O K   A T   T H E   C O N T E S T    W E    H A V E !