This time of year brings a refreshing sense of renewal that many people are looking for in their lives. It is the time when they set new goals and resolutions of what they try to accomplish going forward whether it is a short or long term goal. With all the feelings of hope and inspiration, why not add some good luck with the help of some of the delicious foods that are associated with good luck in the New Year’s spirit. Grapes In Spain, the grapes are believed to be a great way to ensure good luck. They had an original idea to encourage people to eat 12 grapes at midnight, one for each month of the year. Those who follow the tradition should pay attention to the taste of each grape, if it is a sour grape, then in April could be a difficult month. This popular practice has spread to other countries. The Best of all is that the grapes are excellent for your health. Vegetables Often you see a lot of green salads on the table and are for the simple fact that resemble the color of money, which symbolizes hope for economic success in the New Year. While you eat more green in the New Year, the higher will be your fortune in the coming year. The best of this tradition is that these vegetables are a great source of vitamins, fiber, and potassium. Pork In some cultures, pigs symbolize progress, so the pig is a food that attracts good luck for the New Year. Like many other types of meat, pork include healthy proteins, vitamin B and a wide range of nutrients that are excellent for building stronger muscles and bones and have healthier blood. Noodles In Asian countries like Japan and China, long noodles are often eaten on New Year's Day, as their appearance is a symbol of longevity. Traditionally, the noodles stir-fried to not break during the cooking process. The great thing about this particular food is good luck noodles contain fiber, B vitamins and minerals. Round fruit Eat round fruit is suspected to bring good luck, both the sweet and the resemblance with coins. In Europe and the US, eat one for each month of the year. The best part is that fruits are packed with lots of vitamins and nutrients. (Pecans) So why wait? Let’s get your luck going and try out the lucky food that best fits your craving for an upcoming year filled with good luck and good health. Hope you all have Happy New Year. Don't forget to check out SincerelyNuts for delicious treats you'd like to include in your holidays menu.