As some of you already know, my brother Tom flew up from Florida last Monday to spend a week in Philly. We haven't seen each other since my mother's memorial service four years ago, so it was awesome to get together again and just hang out. I had accumulated a lot of PTO at work, so I decided to use it up when my brother came to visit so I would be totally free to do stuff with him.

One of the things my brother wanted to do while he was back in the Northeast was to visit New York City because he had never been there. And after so many bazillion years of me talking (and boasting) about how much I love that city, he wanted see what the hype was all about. So do you know what we did? We spent THREE WHOLE DAYS there! And what was especially gracious, generous and kind of my brother was that he paid for the hotel room for two nights.


Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing pictorial posts of our time together in New York.

I decided to start with Little Italy because that's one of the areas my brother specifically wanted to visit.

I like to describe New York City as a place of diverse flavors. It's a city very much like a smorgasbord, offering a wide selection of cultures and foods. Every section of New York has a totally different energy; therefore each section has a different feel and taste.

My brother and I had already experienced outstanding Italian food the night before (which I will be sharing with you later), so the only thing we wanted to do while in Little Italy was to experience outstanding sweet Italian desserts.

And that we did.

Please enjoy a small slice of Little Italy...

Caffe Napoli 
*Do you see the good-looking Italian guy standing on the corner holding some menu's? Well, as handsome as he looked, he was annoying as hell because he stood there trying (just like a used car salesman) to convince pedestrians to come into the restaurant. He was SO pushy and such a turn-off.

*imported Italian cheeses, fresh mozzarella & ricotta, and cured meats 

The Italian Food Center - bar/restaurant

Da Nico Ristorante
*serves traditional Italian plates from the old country 

If you look down the street you'll see a sign, Ferrara Bakery and Cafe, that's where my brother and I had some coffee and sweets....

When I spotted these cases filled with the most delicious-looking Italian sweets, I took my tongue and started licking the glass widows. I think I actually had a foodie orgasm!

*Italian gelato, espresso, and a miniature cannoli

As my Italian grandmother used to say, "Mangia!" Which translates into, "Eat up!"

Have a delicious week everyone!