Newmarket Ontario

HART Legal is opening a law firm in Newmarket, Ontario (York region) on September 1, 2016. We will be working in the following areas of law: family law, business law, estate disputes, injury law, and divorce.

This location will be in partnership with Ledgers Accounting which is headquartered in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

As of the writing of this blog, we have four lawyers serving the Newmarket area. The names of our Newmarket lawyers are:

Jeffrey Hartman
Sabina Haqqani
Peter Kazman
Hannah Kazman

Estate Disputes:

• Disinherited Spouses and Children
• Questionable Wills
• Fraudulent or Negligent Estate Administrations
• Elder Abuse

Divorce & Separation:

• Division of Property
• Child Custody
• Guardianship
• Access and Support
• Collaborative Family Law

Family Conflict Avoidance:

• Estate Administration
• Adoptions

Contract Law:

• Shareholder agreements: $1400 plus tax for a standard agreement.
• Employment contracts: $1500 plus tax for a standard contract.
• Incorporation: For a straightforward incorporation, we charge a fee of $999 plus tax (price includes all fees.)
• Leases: For drafting a standard lease we charge $999 plus tax.
• Wills: We charge $340 for a simple individual will and $699 for a complex individual will.

Here are some interesting facts regarding Newmarket, Ontario:

-Newmarket, ON is part of the greater Toronto area (GTA).
-Newmarket, ON has a population of around 80,000 people.
-Much of Newmarket’s population works in Toronto, ON.
-The average household income in Newmarket is just under $100,000. This is far above other cities in Canada.
-Newmarket, ON is home to Jim Carrey.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding estate disputes, family law, divorce, business law or injury claims in the greater Toronto area!

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