Hello everyone,

today I am going to talk about bloggers being able to monetise their own content with non-disturbing icon, which additionaly drives more traffic to our pages.

Probably you haven't heard of the ADZlink yet, but let me introduce it to you. It's like a small icon you can put on your site which gets you paid the same way as regular ads, but it does not annoy your visitors.  On the following youtube video you can watch short overview of this plugin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjuJOIJNNng

This plugin is work of one of the most promising startups of the year 2017. To shortly describe what it is about, the company is called ADZbuzz and they are trying to face the problem of money loss with ads (by people using adblockers..) with very unique way. Personally I use this plugin on my site and the only thing I can say is that it's pretty interesting. I am having more traffic delivered to my blog (even thus it is pretty new, so I am expecting much more traffic in future) and I am getting paid for this traffic. The payment is issued in cryptocurrency called ADZcoin and is currently valued pretty low, so my profits are some $ per day, but when the company gains traction and goes out of beta, price of the coin should skyrocket and this would mean that I am going to get pretty much money with it.

If anyone would like to test it, you can check it out on this site: https://www.adzbuzz.com/publishers

Since it's currently on invite-only, you will need a publisher key and I am happy to share you mine:   472119ef0be5c057770c193c38ef5afc

To summarize, this is an overview of benefits of using it:

-Basic users -->discover new high quality content in topics you’re interested in

-Publishers --> Add an extra income stream to your site , drive more traffic to your site straight from the homepage and have a community created for your site that grows by itself

I can't wait to see some results at your side, but basically you can't lose anything but gain new users, readers and income. I also hope that you try it and see it by yourself :)

PS: as Featured Image I included picture, how adzlink looks like. It's usually located at the right side of your site (depends on what you decide) and is very unobtrusive. This is one printscreen example of how it looks like: https://prntscr.com/et9jq4

Have a great day,