Here is the recipe for making marzipan, nougat, cream, dried fruit and nuts, another traditional Christmas sweets that has many adherents. It is very easy to do, similar to nougat bud, and similarly, should do so with time to let it rest in the first mold and then if needed let it dry a bit more, the development is very easy but you do need to prepare two or three days before serving. This nougat nuts cream cannot be compared with commercial nougat, taste is natural, is not enhanced with other ingredients (cream powder, flavors, flavor enhancers) if normally you buy artisan nougat you will see that also has more prominence taste marzipan that the dairy. Ingredients 200 grams of powdered sugar, 50 grams of water, 200 grams of ground almonds, 100 grams of dried fruit  optional) 50 grams of milk powder, 80 grams of whipping cream (35% fat), 100-150 grams of nuts (amount to taste) extract vanilla (optional). Elaboration Put in a saucepan icing sugar and water, put the fire and let it reaches the 112th C. In another saucepan add the cream with the milk, simmer until heated to a boil, stirring occasionally so it does not stick. Cook a couple of minutes and remove from heat. In a large bowl pour the ground almonds. When the syrup is at temperature, pour over almond and start mixing, a paste is made. Add the cream and then remixed. Finally incorporates chopped and mixed well to be distributed throughout the mass nuts. Nougat marzipan, cream and nuts, Prepare nougat mold lined with baking paper and walls lightly with oil. Pour batter marzipan, cream and nuts in pan smoothing it well, cover with baking paper and place a weight on top, let stand at least 24 hours. After unmolding can still be very tender, let it air dry for 24 hours or until you have the desired texture. And enjoy your guests with nougat cream-nuts home, is a delight.