Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital (THPH) has apologized to it's community for the mishandling of the Ebola patient. Missing, however, is any apology to the nurses who work there for the chaos, incompetent management and lack of leadership that led to two nurses getting infected and more than forty confined to their homes in quarantine. Accountability? I thought that what admins are paid the $$ and why they get the perks.
   The CDC says it is revising its protocols for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for nurses caring for Ebola patients to include 100% coverage of skin and hair with impermeable material and the process for removing it. Not to mention how to handle the infectious waste. About time. Do the nurses get an apology from the CDC?
   How about the Lab worker from THPH that was confined to her cabin for the duration of the  vacation cruise she was on?
   The message we get is that health care workers are "little people" who do not count and are expendable, and hey, taking those kind of risk is what they get paid for, right?

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