I noticed this man sitting there enjoying what sun there was on his back.  He sat contentedly watching the world go by.  For millennia birds such as he have sat on branches, walls, and telegraph wires watching the world go about its business and carried on with their lives as if nothing was happening.  Eating, laughing and sleeping is all they care about.  We however can envy animals and birds this leisure but have to participate in one way or another while the world makes its mistakes.
I mentioned to this bird Trump has become president and he flew away screaming!  I wonder if he will be back?

Oh dear Oh dear, what has America done?  One of the mistakes made is the people listening to politicians speaking up for them and then failing to work for them as promised.  Trump did this to excess today.  He told his congregation what they wanted to hear and happily left them to it.  Of course it is nonsense, for one he talked of bringing jobs back to America yet he sent his factories to China, has he forgotten this?  His cry that the people are now the government was brilliant but clearly nonsense as he is the government, well him and Congress, the military, powerful businesses, the insurance companies, the lobby groups ....

Should we be placing bets as to when he gets shot....?
Just asking, it is the USA you know!