There is something about gardening and growing plants that makes me feel good.. I stand in my greenhouse looking at all the tiny seedlings , which later in the summer will bring me flowers, vegetables and smiles and it makes me happy. Don't worry I haven't been on the Prosecco  its just spring and I am loving being back in the garden again. 

Every day now there is something to do, seeds to sow, plants that need a bigger pot or , this week, huge piles of broken branches from our neighbours Oak trees to be picked up off my beds and paths. Storm Kate blew through on Monday night but we had very little damage at all. My piles of plastic pots were scattered and my sweet pea tower was leaning at a very odd angle, but that was it. The poor clifftop shelter didn't fair as well. It is directly in line with The Needles, as you can see and there was a 105mph wind recorded. I do hope they replace it as it is nice spot to watch the world go by whilst eating ice-cream.

The greenhouse is full to bursting already and I still have loads to plant and loads of stuff to pot on. As usual the windowsills are also crammed. My bargain Poundland pots have worked really well. thanks Sara Venn for that tip, I hope yours have been as successful.

The Cornflowers  and Ammi are so big now they are outside and I shall be watching the weather carefully for the next couple of weeks to make sure there are no frosts to hurt them. 
The cutting beds are full to bursting with Paper Whites. Some of you may have been recipients of flowers from these actual bulbs if you have ever bought flowers from Georgie at Common Farm Flowers. I traded a days weeding last summer for a huge bag of bulbs she no longer needed. They are popping up all over the place here. 

And never fear, if there is a shortage of tomatoes this coming summer, I think I have grown enough plants to feed most of you.

 Its looking like another lovely day tomorrow so more seeds to sow and more happy hours to spend in the garden.