On Monday night my co-picker brought me this piece of plastic kitsch. Right now it’s already packed and waiting to ship. I don’t usually agree to ship big clumsy items that make me less than EUR 10 (the frame doesn’t look huge, but it didn’t fit in any box), but the bid was pretty cool for what it’s worth and I was afraid to have to store it for a long time if I didn’t take it.

Wrapped in six layers of bubble plastic and then just shoved in a trash bag, it was pretty easy after all.

Talk about the weird things my neighbour brings me sometimes:

This is what I found in my porch on Monday morning.

The colossal thing is made of iron and stands over a meter tall. I was half in shock but I took it in and listed it straight away. Now taking up half of my lounge almost! Well if everything goes according to plan it will be picked up coming Sunday.

Last summer he brought me a bulky Times Atlas of the World. Cool, but I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I can’t remember if I ever took it to a market, if so nobody looked. When I finally did research I found there were a lot offered on the local site, but no one had my English edition. So I gave it a chance and listed it after all in August and it sold quickly after three weeks.