It   was  the  mid   August .Weather  was   mild  and  there  were   rains sometimes .When   Sara  and  Robin   reached  to the  train  station  of  Islamabad   Neena   came  to  receive   them .She   was  driving  a  quite  expensive  car  and  was  in a  bold  avatar.  She    was  looking  so   well  groomed  and   stylish. Sara   found  her  completely  different  then  her   older  appearance  and  attitude .

Robin  and   Sara  were  quite  shocked  when  they   saw   the   house  of  Neena  which  was   very  nice  from the  outside   and  very   well  decorated  from  the inside. Though   they   felt   good  for  Neena  and    her   mother   but   they  were   still  surprised  that   what  kind   of   the  source  of  income  that   earned   as  much  money  within  hardly  two  years  to  make  all  this  happen.

When      Sara   found  Neena  alone  with  her , she  could  not  resist   to  ask  .

"How   in  such  a  short  time  you  made  such  a  nice   house  and  car  ?  she  asked  with  slight  fear  of  Neena's   resentment .

Neena   smiled  and  looked  at  her  as  she  is  fool.   then  said   care freely,  " nothing  dear   ,  she  spin  the   key  chain  in  her  finger   and  added .
"i   just   used  a  very  little   bit  of  my  beautiful   brain  .and   let  me   enhance  your  knowledge   that   when   a   girl   decide   to   earn   much  in  short  time   it  is  not   hard  for  her  ,she    smiled  and  blinked   her  left  eye   to  Sara   cleverly   "In fact  it  is  so  easy   and   fun" .

Sara   was   able  to  get  her  point .  She   felt   sorry  for   her   sister's  foolishness   and   cheap   way  of  thinking   but  she   could  not   say  her  anything  because  she  knew  it  would  be  for  no  value  for  Neena at  all.

Sara   and  Robin  had  an   other   huge   shock  when  they  met  with     Dennie.  Sara   felt  like something   heavy   has  fallen  over    her  head .

 That   man  was   not  from  any  angle   the  man  whom   Neena  used  to   dream     and  mentioned  about   many   time  to  Sara  as  her  prince  charming .

Sara    wanted   to   ask  Neena   that  why  she  is  marrying  such  an   ugly  man  who  has  no  family  background  and   not  even  a  good  job  and  decent  lifestyle  ,  but   she  did  not  want  to  hurt   her   sister's  feeling  so  kept  quiet.  But   Neena  clarified   her   situation   because   she   herself   thought   that  being  a   very  beautiful   girl   it  was  so  insulting  for    her  to   marry   such  man  so   she  did    tell   Sara   that   Dennie   is   for   her   not   a   life   partner   but  just  a  one   step  upward  to   get  what   she   want .

And  what  you  want  Neena  ?  though  Sara  felt  scared  to ask  but  she  did .

I   will   go  to  the  U.S.A  and  he  will  be  my  source  to  get  there  .She  replied

But  why  and  how .Sara   asked  helplessly .

Neena   told  her  whole  story  that  how  she  gathered  money  through  Dennie  and  because  it  is  easy  to   find  a   visitor  visa   so  she   will  get  married  to  Dennie  and  will  go  to  U.S.A   as  a  honeymoon  couple  .

By  doing  so  she  will  be  to  live   a  life  of  her  dreams  .Life  with  no  religious   or  social   boundaries .Neena   told  that  this  way  she  will  earn  lots   of  money  to  to  adopt  a  even  better   luxury   living.

Neena  told  Sara  that  Dennie  is  very  stupid  and  harmless .Once  i  will  get  there   i  will  get  rid  from  him . Sara   was   sinking   in  the  shocks   she  was  getting  from  her  sister  .Her  dreams  of  having a  normal   humble  sister who  is  established  in her  married  life   and  looking   after  her  husband  and  children  blew   away  with  Neena's  horrible  plans.

"So  your  marriage  is   just  for  a  while  ?Sara   asked   sadly .

"Ofcourse   stupid,   what  did  you  think   ?" am  i  look  as  fool  to  you  to  marry  such  an  ugly   useless  guy and   produce  such  ugly   kids ?

 ." I  will  not  have   kids  from  him   and  if  there  would  be  any  inspite  of  precaution  i  will   abort   it ". My  plan   do  not  have  any  flaw  dear" .Neena   laughed  loudly  and  Sara   felt  wetness  in    her   own   eyes .

She   felt  so  sad  and  helpless  because   she  could  not  protect  her  sister   from  the  doom   prepared   by  her  own  for  herself.

The   marriage   ceremony   was  held  in  a  five  star   hotel   where  the   relatives  from  village  were   served   with   best   feast.  Everybody   was   surprised  with  the  development  of  Neena  .Girls  who  used  to  be  her  friends  in  village  were  happy  for   Neena   and   were   praising  her  skills   and   intelligence .  The   old   wise   men   and  women  were  having  doubt  for  Neena's  so  immediate   success  and  saying  that   This  girl  was  since  beginning  very  clever  and  we  knew  that  she  won't  stay  modest  and  decent  in  her  life  as  she  is  always  completely  opposite  to  her  sister  who  is   very  nice  girl  and  married  to  a very   noble  boy .

All   people   from  village   were  praising  Sara  for  her   modesty  and   humbleness   and    criticizing   Neena   for  her  indecent  and  vulgar   lifestyle .When  Neena  heard  this  from  someone's  mouth  she  shouted  at  all   of  them   furiously  and  insulted   them   so  badly  and  asked  them   to  leave  immediately  . She  and  Amanda   were  shouting  at  them  that  they  all  are  jealous    and  that  is  the  reason  for   criticism.

Neena  stayed   in  a  hotel   for  a week  after  her  marriage  and  then  came  to  home.She  also   brought   Dennie  with  her  to  stay   as  he  did  not  have  any  house  and  was  living  in  a  hotel  room   for  many  years .

Sara   and  Robin   returned   to  their   city   after  one  week   as   Sara   did  not   feel  any  warmth  of   relationship   among   their  mother  or  sister .Sara's  heart  was  full  of  sorrow  as  she  felt  that  though  her  mother  and  sister  existed   physically  yet   they  were   not   for  her  anymore .She  thought   she  lost  them  forever because   they  chose  the  lifestyle   what  for  Sara  was  a  pure  sin  and   inspite  of  loving  them  alot  Sara   wanted   to  keep   distance   from  her  mother  and  sister  because   she  thought  that   closeness   to  them   can  be   harmful  for   her   children's  brought up.

Neena   and  Dennie  left   for   U.S.A   next   year  and  their  first stay  was  in  the  house  of   man  who  was   kind  of   friend  to   Dennie. They   spend   their  savings   for   almost  month.There  was  a  restaurant  where  they   visited  often  for   eating.  The  manager  of   that  was  from  the  same  country.   Neena   took   very   less  time  to  attract   him 

.He  was  almost  fifty  and  though  not  handsome  but  still  appealing  due  to  his  rusted  color  and  reserved  behavior  which   used  to  be  always  a challenge  for  Neena  as  she  cannot  stand  any  man's  ignorance   towards  her .
He  was  married  back  in  his  country  and  after  spending  few  months  with  his  wife  he  left  her  alone  and  then  sold  her  heavy  jewelry  and  arranged  visa   to  come  america   .Here  he  found  life  very  charming  and    full  of  fun  so  decided  to  stay  here .He  used  to  send  monthly  pocket money   to  his  wife  back  home  but  inspite  of  being  capable  did  not  called  her  here  to  stay  with  him  as  after  seventeen  years  spending here  he  was  the  citizen  of  america   now.

Neena's  openness  and  very  bold  attitude  attracted  him  and  he  asked  her  to  live  with  in  his  house .Neena   wasted  no  time  to  say  yes  and  moved  with  him.Dennie   was  horribly  worried  about   Neena's  changed  attitude  she  was  not  the  same  person he  knew.  He  cried  before  her  and  begged  for  her  kindness  and  asked  her  to  not  leave  him  alone  like  this  but  Neena  asked  him  to  give  divorce  and  free  her .When  he  refused  Neena  put  gun  on  his  head  and  then  Dennie  had  no  option .

Dennie  after  giving  divorce  to  Neena  wandered  around like  beggars  for  any  kind  of  job  because  he  had  no  work  permit so  he  had  to  work  hiddenly  .within  few  months  he  was  able  to  return  his  home  where  with  almost  abnormal  mental   situation  he  had  an  accident  and  broke  his  right  leg.

Neena  enjoyed  her  life  thoroughly  with  his  new  boyfriend  Jeff  without  any  legal   contract. During     these   times  she  aborted  her  four  children  two  from  Dennie  and  two  from  Jeff.
On  such  occasions  Jeff  offer  him  that  he  genuinely  likes  her  and  want  to  get  married  to  her so  she  should  not  abort   the  child   but  Neena   felt   this  offer  like  a  CAGE  to  bound  her  freedom .

Neena  was   more  then    friendly   to  boys  around  her  and  this  made  Jeff  often  crazy  .They   fought   badly  and  sometimes  Jeff  beat  her  for   her  vulgar   attitude.Neena   beard  all  until   she   got   the  green card  with  the  support  of  Jeff  .after  this  she  did  not  care  for  him  and  even   went  further  in  her   boldness.

One  day  they  fought  and  Jeff   beat  her  and  called  her  selfish  bitch  who  uses  others  like  tissue   and  then  move  forward  he said  her  that  you  are  not  a  woman  but  a  shameful  stain  over  the   name  of  womanhood .woman  meant  to  be  a  graceful   and  significant  in  her  lifestyle  ,loving  and  caring  for  her  family  and  surroundings  not  like  you  as  stinky  like  a  piece  of  shit .

He   asked  her  to  leave  and  after  spending  five  years  with  him  she  happily   moved  away  from  him  now  he  was  for  her  an  old  baster   who   did  not  deserve  the  beauty  and  youth  of  her. 

to  be  continued