Sara   developed   a deep  relationship  with   lady  Rebecca   within  few  months .Kristine  liked  Sara  for  her  affection   and  care  for   her  mother  as  though  she  used  to  have  care  takers  before   but  no  one  was  able  to  please   or   satisfy   her  mother .Kristine   was  happy  with  Sara  and   increased   her  salary  after  six   months .

Sara   loved   her  son  Paras  so  much  and   tried  her  best  to  make  him  happy .During  the  day  time  she  was  much  busy  in  her  duties   but  after   4pm  when  lady  Rebecca   took  her  nap   Sara  got  enough  time  to  be   with  Paras .She  played  with  him  .helped  him  in  his  studies  and  took  him  to  the  park  near  house  where  he  played  with  other  kids  and swung .But   in  spite  of  all  this   Sara   felt    often   herself    guilty  of    her   child    because   she   realized   that   Paras  missed  his  father  badly .Since   she   left  home   and  brought   Paras   along she  start  realizing  that  Paras  is  sad .He  many  times  asked  her  that  why  they  have  left  the  home  and  why  his  father  has  not  come  with  them.

Sara   inevitably   lied  to  him  that  they  came  here  to  settle  forever  and  his  father  after   making  him  transfer   in  this  city  will   join  them  soon.She   thought    that  Paras  is   just  a  child   and  after  sometime    will   forget   everything  and  become   normal   but   it  did  not  happen  and  with    passing  time  Paras  started   ask   to  see  his  father  more    and   more.That   made  Sara   miserable     and  she  thought   that  may  be   she   made  a  mistake  and  because  Paras  is  a  very  sensitive   child  her  mistake   could   cause  flaws  in  the  brought  up  of  her  child.

In   the   deep   inside   of   her  heart  Sara   missed   Robin   along   with   her  each   breathe .Her    heart  was   filled  with  pain   and   sorrow.  It  seemed  as  she  has  lost   half  of  her  existence .
Insidious  world  of  her  was   like  an  endless   dark   barn   path   which   was  surrounded  by    thunder   and   howling   wind. She  found   herself   alone  standing     in   middle   of   it   with  no   sign  of   destination  .She   was  wounded  shivered   and  thirsty. Her   lips  were  starving   for  a  drop  of  water  but  sky  above  her  head   had  no   cloud  for  her.

In  her  loneliness she  cried   as hard  as  she  was   about  to  break  into   countless   pieces    and   blow   away    with  wind.  But   each  time   she   felt   a  mysterious   inner   force  that    strengthen  and  composed  her   back  into  a   woman  with   strong  faith  and  hope .A  woman   who   can  rise  like  a  marvelous  sun   among  the   huge  high   mountains    of  hardships   and  spread   the  light   of   faith,  hope   and    goodness    in    the   dark  world  around.

She    arouse   always   with  a   new   strength   from   her   such  weak   moments   and   decided   to   move  forward   with  courage   and   positivism  .She   had   a  faith   in  her  God  and  in  herself  that  she   will   resolve   her   problems   and   stay  calm  and  focused  until   Robin  come   to  get   her  back.  Though   she  was  sad  that  Robin  had  turned  stranger  to   her  but  she   knew   it  somehow   that  Robin   loved  her   once  and  they   shared   some  of   most  beautiful   times   together.  She      kept   these  precious   memories   in   the  depth   of  her  heart   and  they   were   meant  life   to  her.

Kristine   was    a  lonely  woman   most   of   the   time.Sara    came   to  know   through   Rebecca   that   once   in  her  twenties   Kristine  loved   a  boy  named   Mark  .They   both   were  about   to  get  married    when  Mark   died  in  an  air  crash  .That   accident    changed    the   whole  life  of   Kristine.  She   got  her  nervous      break   down   and   remained   under  medical   care  for  one  year. Her   doctor   prescribed    her   to   change   her  place  .Later   she   got  this  job  in   embassy   and  came   to  live   here .

Rebecca   further   told   Sara   that   after  the  death   of  Mark    one   of  his   friend    William     helped   her   to   recompose   Kristine   emotionally .He   used  to  visit  her  lot  and  try  to  cheer   her  up  with  his  loyal  efforts. Though   he  was   married   and  father  of   one  year  daughter    that   time  still  he  took  great   care   of   Kristine     and   tried  to  help   her  get  out   of   the   shell    in  which  she  stuck   after   the  death  of  her  lover. William    often    advised   Kristine   to   get   married   as    life   is   quite   long   journey   and  without  partner  is  harder   but  Kristine   always   skipped    topic  while   saying  that    no   one   can  take   the   place   of  Mark   in   her  life.

So   though   it  were   being  almost   more  then  twenty  five   years  to  the  death  of  Mark   Kristine    was  still   spending   her   life   in  a   tunnel  which 's  end    had  no    gleam     of   freedom   and   happiness  .She   was    shuttered  in   a  shell   of   isolation    and   grief   that   made  her   though   a  lonely  person   yet   she   was  an   efficient   worker   and  responsible   daughter. Her   love  for  her  mother  was  not  expressed   through   her    moves   but   offering   her  duties  only.     She   found   this   shell     easy   to  live  in  with  glorious   memories  of   past .World  outside  her   shell  was    like   dark   thick   forest  to  her   who's  woods   of   relationships   were  tangled  with  complexity .  Kristine   unconsciously   became  an  addicted  to   her   sorrow  and   pessimism  .She   found  it  easy   escape    .Now  she   found   it  really   hard   to   make   new   relationship   or  trust   on  a  stranger .

Sara   felt   sorry   for  Kristine   .Since   she   came   here   she   learnt  new  facts  about  life   .The   company   of  lady  Rebecca  and  Kristine    was    widening   her  vision   of   life  .Few   things     that   she   found   wrong      earlier   proved   not  bad   actually  .Specially   in   her   society   it  was  concept  that  if    women   dress  like  western   women  it  means   that   they   are  intimating   men  towards  them  and  are  of   vulgar   attitude  .The   life  style   of   those   both   western  ladies   was  proof  that   each   land  has   it's  own  traditional   way   of  living  and  culture  and  one's   dress  is  has  nothing  to   do  with   his   Character  .Though  dress   describes   the   culture  of   one   but  not  his   attitude .

The  other  thing  Sara   learnt   that   love   does  exist   in  western   countries   too  .Lady   Rebecca   was   proof   of  a  mother's  love  for  her  child .Kristine's   caring  attitude  towards  her  mother   expressed  her   love  for  her  mother.And   the   biggest  proof  of   love  was  the  present  life  of  Kristine   who  spent   most   of  her  life   in  the  memory   of  his  lover .Sara   learnt  that   she  is  not  the  only   on  map  who  is   suffering   emotionally  but  many  others   are  there   like  her   though   in  different  ways  but  they  suffer .She   learnt   much  through  books   she   used  to   read  for   lady  Rebecca .Sara   felt   as   she   is   getting   better  in  her  way  of   thinking    through  all  these  learning   and  experiences.  

to  be  continued.