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If something like Tribe Writers was around when I started blogging over five years ago, my writing journey would’ve been much smoother. I definitely could’ve avoided struggling for seven years before gaining traction with an audience online.

The One Life-changing Writing Resource Nobody Told Me About

Nobody told me that you didn’t have to spin your wheels. Nobody told me that there was a proven process to getting your writing noticed. I wasted a lot of time and a lot of words trying to do it on my own.

If I had known that there were thousands of other writers out there to encourage me and a process that worked that I could just follow, I’d be a lot farther today than I currently am.

That’s one reason Tribe Writers exists. I wanted to create the resource I wished for when I started writing online. A library of resources, practical applications, and a community to encourage and educate one another.

I’m honored that thousands of authors and bloggers are now Tribe Writers. And I would be remiss if I didn’t share a few of their stories with you.

From eight kids to over a million readers

Mike BerryMike Berry joined Tribe Writers, and three years later, Confessions of a Parent is now read in 14 countries around the globe, by more than 100,000 people a month.

And here’s how it happened:

It revolutionized my writing and my blog, but more than that, it changed my life. I learned how to find my writing voice and write with brevity.

I discovered the power of a platform and how simple it was to build one. I discovered that I was a writer. No longer would I hide what I was called to be!

That kind of realization, followed by action, can be powerful.

“More than the numbers,” Mike told me, “we have been able to reach out and have honest conversations with parents from Australia to England to Canada to the United States.”

Join Tribe Writers and discover just how far your message can reach.

Guest posting for celebrities like Cameron Diaz

Elizabeth BradleyA common misconception about celebrity blogs is they are difficult to guest post on. However, if you position yourself correctly and take your writing seriously, anyone can do it.

Elizabeth Bradley enrolled in Tribe Writers, and used the practical applications to land guest posting opportunities on celebrity blogs and quickly gain another 2,000 subscribers. Her feedback on the course is one of my favorites:

Joining Tribe Writers nearly three years or so ago was one of the best decisions I made for my career. It helped me connect with a like-minded community and learn from the best.

The training modules are super high-quality, and contain actionable advice that helped me get focused on building my platform before launching my book.

I’m currently working on two books, an ebook on living in Thailand, and a book for my Ideal Clients that will be called Thriving Coach.

Guest posting is a powerful tool for growing your platform. You develop relationships, increase the visibility of your content, and generate new opportunities.

Enroll in Tribe Writers now and learn how to connect with influencers.

Making a living writing fiction

Stacy Claflin profileThe process of becoming a full-time writer rarely makes for good television. Each episode would feature a lone actor sitting at a desk typing for an hour. Writing for a living is much less romantic than Hollywood leads us to believe.

Stacy Claflin is a Tribe Writer alum and has gone on to become a full-time novelist writing across multiple genres. She continues to show up every day to write while running a daycare business and homeschooling her children. She didn’t leap without a parachute — she built a bridge, one book at a time.

Become a Tribe Writer and build your own bridge to your writing dream.

Finding your voice and losing over 260 pounds

Teresa ParkerTeresa Parker was an early Tribe Writer and part of the inaugural cohort at Tribe Intensive that was a precursor to the Tribe Conference.

What you don’t know about Teresa when you first meet her is that she’s lost over two hundred sixty pounds in addition to publishing three books, two study guides, and has thirty more book ideas in the pipeline. She also makes over $5,000 a month from work based on her writing.

Just yesterday, as we opened Tribe Writers for the Fall, Teresa sent me an email reflecting on her experience:

The first Tribe Intensive really helped make me get over my fear of continuing in the coaching bent…

More than anything you were instrumental in helping me understand where my destiny lies. At that Intensive you identified my voice as the Celebrity…

The one who says if I can do this, you can do this. To hear you say that solidified something that was churning inside me but I couldn’t quite voice.

Find your voice and become part of the Tribe Writers community.

If you’ve ever struggled with a blinking cursor, if you’ve ever wondered what to write about, if you’re unsure who you should be writing for, Tribe Writers is for you. If you do the work, I guarantee you’ll get the results. Click here to get started.