To still have loyal readers  even when you hardly write due to the humdrum of your own state of  mind and body is amazing.Thanks for reading me.

Lucky is believing you are lucky...
I celebrate life when I should, and I think celebration  is a form of escape , or a remedy to a monotonous wheel that we paddle on a daily basis, As much as I travel 12 flights a month, I must  admit that there were times when i am too tired and stay in bed and  go through that work-meal-work-sleep and  wear an imaginary pink bunny suit  can get a bit ...well,-mundane and I need to go  for a run at the gym  in the evening or brisk walk wherever I am except for india  as  it gets dark as early as 5.30 in Delhi  and I was still at work during that hour , I swear  that i can never live my life  living a 9-5 job, I need to travel and now I need to get some exercise too if not I get really tired and  a little down.Going for a walk is my celebration to conclude my day.

While in Delhi....

Then  when I can't exercise ...I  have some time to spared that I spent  lying in bed  hence I decided to  review  my day , I guess i need to  enhance my life   and that is to give and to drink

1)I am not rich , but I have enough to eat and wear nice clothes.When i was i Delhi.I had 1000 INR in  100 notes and i try to give  a hundred to street vendors that sells little toys, to the amputated homeless guy at connaught place   to whomever I feel that struggle to keep  their glass full until morning light , who kept their optimism  at  the speed of full throttle.100 rupee is enough to buy 10 cups of hot tea and I hope they enjoyed their cups teas 

2)To smile to the world , if we can call that  giving.

3)To try be nice despite  having  a shit day ,  that me ... been visiting me quite a lot lately.So let's just  regard me being nice as an act of giving  pfft...

 and 4) to drink to 2 litres of water  as i realised my flat fatigue situation at night time lately could be the result of dehydration hence  experienced the  half  full motivation.... :(

March...let's do a recap.

Roses  for me? thanks!!
view from my ultra pretty room in Delhi
Staple in India
My friend's gorgeous cake shop at  number 1 khan market, new Delhi

Good bye New Delhi!

St regis Bali.

Dubai (well where else can you find the gorgeous Burj Khalifa , right?)

Saying good bye to Bali.

Having lunch at  m new favorite Padang Place in Senopati

I was in Dubai , Indonesia , India  ,now I am in Singapore writing this with   the Singapore  flyers as background and next, I will be In Indonesia and  meet my favorite squad  somewhere in Asia for a work tour (I will update you, definitely).

it has been  busy, I am very focused with  my  day by day plan , eating  my vitamins and avoiding milk and nuts as it is causing me  some unwelcome allergy lately.

Mum , I know you read my posts often, thanks for always being there for me  accompanying me through all my journey  by being there at the end of skype and for accepting me... the peculiar me that no one else could ever accept as sincere as you.

Lonely alley in Kemang ,Jakarta

public service message.

A piu tardi, sampai kita bertemu lagi.