After a long and relaxing holiday with plenty of wining and dining I decided to make August a white month. Not only excluding alcohol, but also caffein, sugar, negative thinking, etc.

The extended list made it feel more like an exciting experiment and less like a sacrifice. I am truly curious about how it effects me to leave out certain things from my diet and life for a period. By taking a break from these habits I get a new chance to see in what way these substances influence my life, and then choose again.

I love a glass of wine or two as much as anybody, but find it hard not to progressively increase consumption over time. The enjoyable glass of wine once in while after the kids were asleep had somehow turned into nearly half a bottle nearly every day… Noticing how this reduced the quality of sleep, among other undesirable side effects, I finally realised that I had created myself one heck of a bad habit.

After this realisation had sunk in it was time to kick the old habit(s) out the door and introduce a few new ones.

practicing_selfrestraintWHITE MONTH:
– alcohol
– caffeine
– sugar
– too much TV
– overworking
– overeating
– negative talk + thinking
– unhealthy snacks

Hiking+ green tea and alcohol-free beer
+ Yoga and meditation
+ exercise
+ hiking in nature
+ fruits, vegetables, juice
+ deliberate speech
+ enough sleep, enough food, enough drink
+ structure and discipline
+ positive relations with others

On the positive side I have a lot of nice things to enjoy; green tea, yoga, meditation, healthy foods, etc. It is great to focus on what I can do instead of what I can´t (or rather won´t) and I´m discovering that I love tasty salads and steaming hot herbal tea more than I expected.

On the halfway mark I feel good about my achievement so far, but also I worry a bit about what I´m going to do come September. Will I fall back into the bad habits or will I manage to live more balanced and healthy? Only time will tell, but first I have another fortnight left of my experiment. Wish me luck.