The world is becoming more industrialized and artificial, it is very difficult to find foods that have not been modified or poisoned by pesticides in production, but not impossible. Organic foods are those foods, vegetables and fruits in general than at any stage of production involved fertilizers, herbicides or chemical pesticides, nor in the soil where they are grown. However, milk and cheese must come from a healthy cow fed only grains that have not been genetically fertilized or treated. The good thing about this kind of food is not exploiting her dry land and have the flavor, natural color and texture, so there are vitamins in fruits and vegetables are at their best. Unfortunately, in most countries there are no laws governing the use of organic food. This absence of laws and regulations do not give consumers assurances that the food sold as organic, it really is and is also exposed to merchants to sell something that really is not. If you do not trust the big chains that sell organic food say, you can always get people who are dedicated to producing organic food. The good thing about organic food is that it is not necessary to buy it, but you can grow it yourself, reducing consumerism in general and eating something that you know is good, because you yourself have seen it grow. the place we love to buy some of our organics snacks is there you can find some nuts, dried fruit and seeds.