Brunch is one of the best meals to host, since there is a lot more flexibility than a dinner. For one, brunches can last as long or as short as you like. Most of the time, friends will have plans for the afternoon and won’t stay all day, but sometimes they’ll have nothing to do, and some of our best brunches have lasted almost until dinner. Beyond those perks, there is the inevitable con that brunch occurs relatively early. Set your own schedule. If you’re not an early bird, don’t invite anyone over before 1:00pm.  No matter what time you wake up, we’ve figured out how to do a festive, fun brunch with no more than an hour or so of work. Serve Bread. A loaf of good bread can bulk up your meal for cheap. It keeps people occupied while you finish cooking, too. If you buy your bread the day before, you’ll save time, but it could potentially get a little stale by brunch time the next day, especially if you buy baguette, which always tastes best freshly baked the day of. Toast the whole loaf for ten or fifteen minutes in the oven before serving it, Rubbing a little water on the crust with your hands will help crisp it up if it has gotten rubbery and soft. Getting in the habit of making no-knead breadis a great way to ensure there’s bread on the table without you having to leave the house at all. Fruit Fruit satisfies light eaters, and it can brighten up an otherwise monochromatic brunch plate, but platters and salads can get expensive. If you’re cutting costs, best to offer one kind of fruit—a melon, perhaps—or you can use dried fruit that also can help you with the left over don’t get waste. You can use some apricots, coconuts, prunes, figs and more. Variety Food is obviously something you want to think about for a brunch party. Instead of going all out with many involved dishes, choose one bigger dish and a few little bites and nibbles that people can snack on while chatting. For a bigger dish. Coffee and Tea, Please! Not everyone drinks coffee, so it's nice to have a few alternatives as well. A good herbal tea like mint or chamomile is often a welcome addition as is a fresh juice like orange or grapefruit. A few brunch parties I've been to have had a signature juicy brunch punch which is usually a fruit juice blend with a touch of champagne — always a big hit. Make it nice and simple or make it big is your choice just remember to enjoy it!