My wife and I have been drinking Uri International's whole food organic juices since October of 07. Since that time my wife has lost over 30 lbs. and 3 dress sizes (from a 14 to a 10). I have lost 20lbs and one pant size (from a 46 to a 44). I also experienced absolutely no grass or tree pollen allergies this season! Both of us have arthritis and the juice has helped with some of the pain and stiffness. And we have energy that lasts all day long.

Our daily routine is one scoop of "The Feast", one scoop of "The Feast Supercharged", one scoop of "Beyond Berries" and one scoop of "Vegetein" in either 6oz's of soy milk, juice or organic yogurt for breakfast. This gives us the nutrition we need, incredible energy and keeps us satisfied until lunch.

For lunch it's some lean protein like chicken, fish or turkey with a fresh, organic salad with a balsamic/virgin olive oil dressing.

We have another juice at 3:30pm at the time we usually would experience a lull in our energy level. This juice gives us the energy boost we need in the afternoon.

For dinner again it's a lean source of protein, some good lipids and complex carbohydrates from raw, fresh, organic produce. And that's it!

We drink only our juice and water, try to exercise daily and rest for 8 hours a day. We feel better at 53 and 50 than we did in our thirties. The importance of good nutrition, hydration, exercise and rest becomes more important as we age.

I thank God for products like "The Feast", "The Feast Supercharged" , "Beyond Berries" and "Vegetein". Organic whole food nutrition in an easy to mix powder that is ready when you are. At about $1 per serving these products represent a great nutritional value. Live organic super foods dried quickly at low temperatures to preserve the live enzymes and probiotics provide the necessary nutrients in a form that is easily absorbed and utilized by the body!

Grace and Peace,