The weather is getting intense as day  goes by.  I am not very fond of Winter because my body is always cold and I can't  stay very long outside no matter how bundled my body is with thick clothing.  I came from the tropics where  warm weather is all-year round so Winter is not really my  kind of season.  However, I love watching my  children   play in the snow.  They were off yesterday so they took the opportunity to play outside while the snow  keeps coming.  

 I took some photos of them before they went sled riding at the hill over our neighbor's yard.  I  spent  shoveling snow out of our drive way.  We have a long  drive way which I love but man, it's a pain in the tosh during Winter.  I need a snow blower to make this job easier lol.

 My husband told me that we should get a snow blower but I told him that I can do the shoveling since I need  an exercise anyway.  I will keep that promise but maybe next year, I will let him buy a snow blower lol.

 My hands are  always the ones that gets cold very quickly.  No matter how thick my gloves are, they still get freezing!  My husband's hands are always warm  so I always put my hands on his but when he is not around, it's tough!

 These kiddos does not mind the cold.  They would stay outside as long as they can take it.  Sometimes, I forced them to get inside  so they won't get sick.  Yesterday, their faces was so red from being outside.

 Hot coco is always great to serve them after an outdoor  fun.  They have a two-hour delay today so I got the chance to sit down and publish a couple of posts before I prepare their breakfast and lunches.

Advance Merry Christmas everybody!