The unveiling of the Team Malaysia banner.
Pic courtesy of Jamie Pang.

With slightly a little over 3 months to go before the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, I'm feeling a little impatient. Impatient because I've still got 2 weeks to go for rehabilitation work from my meniscus tear.

While the recovery and rehab is going along just fine, not being able to get in any running for nearly 5 weeks is really depressing. I'm just waiting for the month to be over so that I can officially lace up and get in some miles.

I'll be cutting it really close drawing up a marathon plan for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon but I think I can manage with a 12 weeks plan as long as I keep the plan realistic and most importantly don't get injured before race day.

This will be my third year in the Gold Coast running the marathon. The new team banner has been unveiled yesterday and things will start heating up for Team Malaysia soon. We have a much bigger team from Malaysia going this year and with entries still open, I'm suspecting we'll see a lot more signing up in the next three months.

I've a lot of work cut out for me in the lead up to race day but I'm game for the challenge. Now to just wait out the next two weeks!