Yes, I know, when it comes to blogging these days, my contributions are sporadic to the point of almost being nonexistent.  If it wasn't for Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, this blog may well have gone for a permanent sleep.  
I mean, I've been twiddling my thumbs instead of putting up this post.  It's a post I should of posted up around the middle of July to compliment nicely the post on another site that I will mention further down this page. 
Monday morning, 16th of May. Such a significant day.  For this was the day Penny and I met up with Sharon Mayhew.  Sharon, as an eight year old child, spent a bit of time with some of her relatives in this town of Leek, Staffordshire, England, before she moved to the United States.   Penny and I prepared ourselves to meet up with Sharon and her grandfather.  
I was very nervous about meeting Sharon.  I was somewhat concerned that the place she was staying, "The Pawmier Inn", sorry, "The Premier Inn", might not be exactly be the best place to take a dog for breakfast.  Sharon, bless her, had received special pawmission, sorry, permission, for Penny to be allowed in a discreet part of the breakfast area.  
Upon arrival at the breakfast reception, we were greeting by a couple of the staff.  "Hello, you must be Penny!", one of the staff stated with absolute, wondrous glee.  "Come this way, please, Penny.  Oh and bring your human with you."  Okay, I made up that last sentence.  It's not easy for me knowing that Penny is a world-famous blogging sensation.  Yes, I'm rather jealous of the dog.
Penny and I were warmly greeted by Sharon and her grandfather, George.  It was a wonderful chat.  I felt at ease.  I really struggle with social situations.  To have challenged my anxiety was another step forward in my ongoing battle against my very low self-esteem. 
Sharon and her granddad, George, at the breakfast section.

Sharon told me it was okay to mention that George is a youthful ninety five.  She was teaching him how to use an iPad.  Proves you're never too old to learn something new.  George drove Sharon to various locations around England.

Here you go!  Notice how starstruck Sharon is with Penny! 
Sharon is delighted.  Penny is ready to grab the bacon on the plate! 
Awe, look!  Penny ready to give Sharon some doggy kisses. 
A photo off Sharon's phone as the two of them posed for a selfie....

And now for the link to Sharon's informative, interesting post about her trip to Leek.  The Gift Of Visiting The Setting Of Your Novel (MS) With Your Grandfather (Samuel George Johnston) and Meeting Blog Friends.  I would kindly ask you, if you haven't visited already, to go and check out Sharon's blog post.  Thank you.

Thank you so much, Sharon.  It was an amazing, inspirational experience to meet your good self and your incredible Grandfather.