When we meet people, we usually begin by asking them basic information to get a basic idea of who they are and help us classify them. Two popular classifications are ethnicity and social status, thus the questions "Where are you from?" and "What do you do?" are two questions that you have answered an uncountable number of times. Sometimes, I wished that people would stop asking me that question after 0.005 seconds of our encounter, but at the same time, that makes it easier for me to look less like a pre-judgemental person as I can just say: "How about you?" without actually having to literally ask the question. There is no problem with getting to know people through Q&A, but at the end of the day, you will only know what they have to chose to share with you; they control what information they choose to disclose and that they choose to refrain from sharing, so your perception is always bound to be incomplete unless they allow you to enter their lives completely and are willing to share openly. 
Even when people do choose to share openly, you will not be getting the full picture because people see themselves in a certain way while others may see them differently, including you. Thus, in order to get what is the nearest to the full picture, you will need the perceptions of others no matter how biased they might be because altogether, they will give you an idea about the person you are trying to find more about. 
Therefore based on my above argument, I propose an online site by the title: PeopleAdvisor (yes, I basically took the name from Tripadvisor and changed the first word; how uncreative). PeopleAdvisor will be similar to TripAdvisor in the way that you can rate and search for people instead of places. In the same way you can rate different aspects of a place on TripAdvisor, you will be able to rate different aspects of people that you know or have met in order to help others that are planning to meet a person or who have randomly met them at a party or elsewhere.
Being enlisted on the site will be optional, for only a person can enlist themselves and must verify their identity through a formal identity card in order for their profile to become fully verified. Only enlisted people can search for other people, and if you are not enlisted, you can only see the person's name without any additional information. Users will also get notifications showing who has viewed their profile for safety reasons and they can block anyone who has taken a look at their profile more than twice in a 24 hour period to prevent online stalking.
You will have the option of rating different characteristics of a person as long as you validate your rating with a reason. You do not have to rate all the available characteristics on the profile; you can choose which to fill out and which of those to ignore. There will be both physical traits and personality traits and their ratings will be added and averaged to get the person's actual rating. You can also view the person's individual ratings for each trait if you are looking for something specific and not their overall rating.
Before you rate someone, you must identify your relationship with that person and how long you have known them for as well if you are currently on good terms with them or you have known them in the past, but no speak to them and what reason lead to that. Of course, this is for other people to get an idea of how well you know that person, and not for you to write details of your relationship with them. For example if a person was your friend in the past and you no longer speak because of a dispute, you may write the reason of the dispute, but the site will also ask the other person to write their reason on your profile that way whoever is looking for information on the full story will get both sides instead of one biased opinion.
The site will help you get a wholesome view about an individual. Yes, it can be biased according to who is rating that person, but you can judge for yourself how biased each one is depending on their relationship with that person. For example, if a mother rates her daughter, you will automatically know that there is a large bias because mothers usually see their daughters differently than other people do. Other people may be quite frank even if the person they are rating are close to them, but they decide to be frank about their bad habits for example such as having a bad temper. 
Some people know how to market themselves well and like to speak about themselves and their achievements, whilst others do not seek to get validation from others so they do not care to broadcast their positive traits and successes and this is one of the reasons why I thought about an idea for such a site; as the former usually get a lot of attention and admiration from people by telling stories that can be exaggerated to get the approval and awe of the audience, whilst the later group are often seen as unsuccessful people because they seem to have nothing to boast about when it is really a difference in how people choose to present themselves or refrain from preventing themselves to avoid unwanted attention. 
This website will have other people doing the talking for you, so that it may be more objective than if you were talking about yourself especially nowadays where people cannot say much about themselves because they spend so much time tuning in with others that they forget to tune into themselves and analyze who they are at different phases of their lives. There will be subjectivity depending on who is rating you, but again, extra information will help others know how well others know you, and how your relationship was with them in order to be able to detect any extreme bias. For it would be normal for example, for an ex-spouse to rate you negatively if the marriage ended in an ugly divorce, so when the person is identified as an ex-spouse, people can automatically infer that there will be a bias in their opinion.
I am not calling for this site to be made. It was just an idea I had and would like to share with others. I do believe that there would be negative outcomes from it and that it could be a dangerous tool, so I am not calling for the implementation of it...just an idea. I would also like to know what ideas you would have for the site, and if you would ever want to use it or not and why.